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(Apr.7-27, 2005)
(On Pink BG Color) Written in Japanese
(Compiled by Haruo Hirose)


(Apr.27, 2005)

Interview with Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley discusses her relationship with the late Elvis Presley and her involvement with the new CBS special "Elvis by the Presleys," May 13

CBS, SONY BMG, Crown Publishers and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. unite in a multi-tiered effort to celebrate the life and legacy of Elvis Presley with the television special, a movie event, a commemorative two-CD set and a lavish book all coming in the month of May.

The following interview with Priscilla took place in Los Angeles in March 2005.

Q: How did this special come about?

PRESLEY: We had an influx of interest from a new generation of fans who are coming into Graceland and asking a lot of questions about Elvis. Lisa Marie and I decided to share what little we have about this incredible human so that the younger generation can learn more about him. It's been difficult, but the outcome has been very rewarding.

Q: Was the experience of taping the special emotional for you?

PRESLEY: It was emotional for both Lisa Marie and me. We spent many hours compiling all the data and all the stories that are told by not just Lisa Marie and me, but by various other members of the family. It was empowering and emotional to relive that period of time, which we all really cherished.

Q: What will be seen in the special?

PRESLEY: We are sharing a lot of what went on at Graceland which many people would have loved to have known about but very few got to see. So we are really opening not only our hearts, but the doors to Graceland to share the life that we lived together. Every year at Christmastime Lisa Marie and I go back to Graceland and relive our memories of our lives there.

Q: Your parents talk about their feelings about your relationship with Elvis which started when you were 14-years-old. How did your parents feel about you dating Elvis at such a young age?

PRESLEY: Well, 1959 was a different time. My parents were very conservative and my father was very strict. When I met Elvis, my parents were very reluctant to allow me to date him. They share their concerns about it in the special. My mother shares some incredible stories of what her fears were about my relationship with Elvis.

Q: Is this the first time your parents have spoken publicly about how they felt?

PRESLEY: They've been asked many times to be on talk shows and there were a few books that they were asked to participate in and they have turned everything down. People are interested in what they have to say because there are so many misconceptions and incorrect stories out there about how they felt at the time. Now, you get to hear it from them. You get to hear how frightened they were, not just for me but for their whole family.

Q: Will we get to see what it was like to live with Elvis?

PRESLEY: In this special you will really get a glimpse of how close we were and how much fun we had behind those gates and everywhere we went. We had an entourage of people who stayed with us for many years and we truly were a family. We lived and traveled together and we shared our problems with one another.

Q: What home video will be seen in the special?

PRESLEY: You will see us playing on the golf cart. Elvis used to take us all out on the golf cart and give us rides. The funniest clip is when my mother is on the golf cart trying to hold it together and trying to keep a smile on her face. But you can see that her eyes are huge and Elvis is laughing and getting a big kick out of how scared she was. You get to see the little boy in Elvis. We've all seen Elvis in movies and concerts but in these home videos you really see the spirit of play he had.

Q: What would Elvis think about how popular he is today?

PRESLEY: I think it would be pretty overwhelming for him to see the love that is poured out every day from his fans as well the folks who visit Graceland and the amount of interest people have in him.

Q: Why did you decide to do this special?

PRESLEY: Because a whole new generation is interested in learning more about Elvis. He gave us so much and he had so much talent. Younger children have been asking and e-mailing us questions about who he was, why was he so popular and so important to the history of music.

(Apr.27, 2005)

"The King On The Road"
Original 1996 US version $30.00
"The King On The Road"
2005 UK version £20.00
 1996年に米国で発売された "The King On The Road" という写真集が、 英国で再出版され、 今日から届きました。 表紙の写真以外の装丁はオリジナル版と全く同じです(25cm x 29cm, 210頁,ハードカバー)。
 何故 同じ持ってる本を注文したかと言いますと、 で見つけたとき(4月7日) の価格が¥1,433円と 驚くほど安かったからです。
 ところが 届いた本を見ると 価格が£20(約4,000円)となってます。 そこで再び を確認すると、 価格が適正な¥3,588円に変更されてました。
 そこで皆様にお知らせ。 今だに安い価格設定で出してるサイトがあります。 それは紀伊国屋書店のサイトです。 ここをみて下さい。 \1,525円になってるでしょう。 これは安いですよ。
"Dewey And Elvis"
 タイトルは "Dewey And Elvis" ですが、 内容は完全な Dewey Phillips の伝記本で、 メンフィスの50年代の音楽シーンが詳しく書かれています。 エルヴィスに関する記述は1チャプターのみでガッカリ。 写真が少ないのもガッカリ。
Maxine Brown
"Looking Back To See"

 ここに載せたマキシン・ブラウンの記事は 先月に出たばかりの本 "Looking Back To See" から取ったものですが、 著者のマキシン・ブラウンが倒れられたそうです。

Maxine Brown of "The Browns" who traveled with and was a good friend of Elvis, suffered a stroke last Tuesday (Apr.19th). It has affected her vision seriously. She just finished her book, "Looking Back To See" which is the title of one of their hits in the early days of Country and Rockabilly.

(Apr.25, 2005)

"Elvis" & "Elvis By The Presleys" TV Specials

 "Elvis" と "Elvis By The Presleys"の放送日が近づくにつれ、 色々とPR用のサイトが作られてます。 EPE制作の "Elvis By The Presleys" のオフィシャル・サイト www.elvisbythepresleys.com には沢山のビデオや写真が アップされてます。
 CBS制作の "Elvis By The Presleys" のオフィシャル・サイト www.cbs.com/specials/elvis_by_the_presleys もあります。 同じくCBS制作のミニ・シリーズ "Elvis" のオフィシャル・サイト www.cbs.com/specials/elvis もあります。

 CBSのサイトには EPEとは異なる下記のビデオがアップされてます。

"Elvis" Trailer Don't miss this Mini Series Event.
"Elvis" audition Get up close and (sort of) personal with hopefuls waiting in line to audition for "ELVIS." You'll see young Elvii, older Elvii, dead ringers and not-even-close wannabes. Who will be chosen to play The King?
An interview with Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Antonia Bernath discusses how she prepared for the role of Priscilla Presley, then lets us watch from the side as they shoot the wedding scene.
Randy Quaid provides some insight into the Colonel and his approach to portraying this complex man who was so important in Elvis' life.
Rose McGowan talks about playing sweet sex kitten Ann-Margret.
Priscilla Presley tells us why she and daughter Lisa Marie decided to open their lives and hearts, along with the gates of Graceland, to a new generation of Elvis fans.
Priscilla Presley shares some anecdotes about her family life with Elvis, and about the man himself. Did you know that Elvis was quite the practical joker?
Priscilla Presley describes the hit-filled soundtrack for her documentary special, "Elvis By The Presleys". She also gives us an idea about some of the private family movies and photos she and daughter Lisa Marie will share with fans.

 他にも、 TVガイド誌のキャンペーン用サイト www.tvguide.com/special/elviscbs も作られていますし、 BMGのエルヴィス・ページ www.elvisthemusic.com も "Elvis By The Presleys" 用に更新されてます。

(Apr.22, 2005) (Apr.11, 2005)

Charlie Hodge Interview
Charlie Hodge Interview (Priscilla and Lisa)
Q : Can you tell us about when Priscilla first came?

A : Well, she was still very young. And so the deal was that she would stay with Elvis's parents. And he would see that she went to school, which she did. She got a good education. And I don't believe he ever touched her till they were married. I believe that with all my heart.

Q : So with Priscilla, can you tell us about when they got married?"

A : Well, I knew about it because I was driving the Colonel to Palm Springs. And a lot of the guys thought I was going to Palm Springs, and we really were going to Vegas. The Colonel set that up at the Aladdin Hotel. And I was told I wasn't to say anything, as Joe was told. He said "You guys can't say anything". So, nobody knew it. When we got there and everything was set up, I knew I wasn't going to be able to be in the wedding. Because they had set up one room to be in. And there was just room enough for the immediate family and Joe and Marty as best men. And it didn't bother me, but the rest of the guys really got upset, because they thought they was all going to get to be at the wedding. But they all were at the wedding breakfast, which I thought was fine, you know. I knew couldn't everybody be in there. But some of those people really got upset. I'm sorry they did, because it wasn't meant to upset anyone. It was just the Colonel doing what he always tried to do with Elvis, and that was keeping something like that, a wedding, from becoming a circus. He wanted Elvis to have that. And then there was the wedding breakfast where the Colonel could control the media. So, it was done very well. The Colonel knew what he was doing.

Q : Could you mention the honeymoon at Palm Springs?

A : Well, we were staying in an Egyptian modern house Elvis was renting at that time. And I remember this. You know, we come back there after the wedding and just hung around there. I don't remember that much about it. Because truthfully, I was kind of busy with the Colonel and everything and some of the other guys too. So I was just glad it was over with, you know.

Q : Then you had another reception in Memphis.

A : Yes. He did that for all of his relatives and friends in Memphis who weren't able to attend the wedding breakfast. He and Priscilla both dressed up in the wedding gown and he in his tuxedo. And everybody came. And in something like that I just stayed out of the way.

Q : Can you tell us about the Circle G Ranch and how Elvis came to get that?

A : Well, Elvis had taken, and he and Priscilla into riding horses a lot. And he only had like 13 acres there at Graceland. And there would ride around. So, he started looking for a place. And they found this place just across the state line down there that was 165 acres. And this guy was willing to sell it. And Elvis bought it so he could have his horses down there. And he had 165 acres to ride on. Well, they had some Gertrudis cattle there that came with it. And so the guy that looked after the cattle ended up putting a fence across there between Elvis's trailer and the rest of the farm. And so, Elvis sold all the Gertrudis cattle. But that was where we had an awful lot of fun. And Elvis loved to get out. He's wear a big old jacket, a western jacket and his cowboy hat, you know. And I know before we left, I got so tickled at Graceland. He was going along and putting everybodys name on the stall where their horse was. And he said, Daddys. He didn't say Vernon. He put Daddys, Priscillas, Mine. He didn't put... He named it Mine.

And then we got down there, and at first, I know, they had a place over there to keep the horse. And Elvis said, "Well, we got to build new". And I said, "No, Elvis, that barn's okay". I said, "All it needs is paint. If you paint it white, it'll be fine". And that's what he did. So, it saved him from having to spend some extra money which I always tried to do and Joe always tried to do. Because we knew when people was trying to get him to spend money on things. And that's another thing we'd do to is some time one guy knew Elvis had bought everybody Cadillacs. So, he went up and they picked him out a fine looking Cadillac and everything. And he come back down there and Elvis called me in the room. He said, "I was going to buy Steve a car as a wedding gift. He wants a Cadillac. What do you think?" I said, "On his salary, he can't afford the insurance on that, Elvis". He said, "That's what I think. I wanted to give him a Pontiac or something like that". I said, "It would be much better". So he ended up getting a Pontiac.

Q : You guys took care of Elvis.

A : Well, you had to, because you could see people who were going to... Yeah, like there was this one guy there that was for a while, his wife was divorced. And she was hitting him for alimony. And he wouldn't pay her any more alimony. And yet he was hinting to Elvis about a house he wanted to buy, figuring Elvis would buy it and give it to him. So, you let Elvis know about those things.

Q : Didn't Elvis actually live in a trailer there for a while?

A : Oh, at the ranch, all the time. Well, when we were out at the ranch, they had a hundred-year-old house there that had been restored and was beautiful. But Elvis had bought all the guys trailers and had put cement slabs all along the fence. And he bought himself a trailer and one for his grandmother. And Alan Fortas who made like kind of foreman of the ranch, he let him and his wife live in that hundred-year-old house that had been restored and everything. He lived in a trailer. That's where Lisa Marie was conceived.

Q : Do you remember Elvis's reaction when he learned he became a father?

A : Well, I don't remember the exact time he said it. I remember when he said she's pregnant. Because at that time, we were in the Trousdale Estate house. And everything was family. We knew that, you know, Elvis's cousin Patsy... I know her husband G.G. was living there with us, because G.G. could handle Elvis's clothes and everything. And Patsy could be a companion to Priscilla. And Patsy, by the way, was Elvis's double first cousin, you know, two brothers married two sisters. And so it was just a family thing around the table that we'd have. And one of my favorite times was when we lived in that house. But that house there, Joe and Joannie used to come up, and it like a family, you know. Because it was a round table. And the Colonel and Mr. Diskin would come up and sit there. And the Colonel would tell some of his carney stories and have us laughing and everything. And it was really a fun family time. And it was more like a family and not like a group of boys at a boys club. You know, and it was my favorite time.

So, I think probably Joe and I knew about before any of the rest of the guys. Because, you know, you find out about those things. I never will forget when we was going to the hospital the morning when she felt she had to go and have the baby. And Jerry Schilling... I said, "Now, Jerry, where are we going?" He said, "Methodist Hospital". I said, "No, Jerry, Baptist". He said, "Charlie, I swear I thought..." I said, "Jerry, let me be wrong. You drive to the Baptist Hospital". And then on the car, on the way to the hospital, we had a phone in the car. I said, "Call Joe". And so, call Joe. He was in Los Angeles. And Joe got on the phone, and I told him. "We're on the way to the hospital". He said, "You tell her not to have that baby till I get there". And she didn't. He got in time for the baby to be born. Yeah.

Q : I'm sure when the baby was born, Elvis was very elated.

A : Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, it's just... You know, there's not an experience like that anywhere. That, you know, she was like my niece or something, because we were that tight as a family. And I felt like it was a miracle or something like that. I know Lisa Marie asked me one time when I used to go pick her up at Priscilla's house and bring her to the house in Hominy Hills there, I'd bring her there for the weekend. And she asked me one time. She said, "Charlie, are you my uncle or what?" And I said, "Probably what".

Q : Did Elvis have nicknames for Lisa?

A : Well, he called her an Injun and different little names like that. Mine for her was Punkin. In fact, I wrote a book. And it says in the front of it, 'For Punkin'. And Lisa asked me one time, she said, "What's Punkin?" I said, "It's a southern pronunciation of pumpkin". And I said, "And that's what we call like little children is Punkin". She said, "Oh" and then no more comment.

Q : What was Lisa's favorite things to do around Graceland when she was a little girl?

A : She had some children her own age to play with. And Elvis slept all day. And she just more or less ran wild. I mean, she did what she wanted to. I remember they used to take Pepsi-Colas and put sugar in them, you know, and shake them up and drink them, things like that. I remember one time his Aunt Delta who took care of the house for Elvis. She said, "Charlie, can you get Lisa Marie to go take a bath?" She said, "She won't do it for me". And I think Joe and I was the only one that could handle her this way. I went over, and I said, "Lisa, let's come on". She said, "What?" I said, "Come on upstairs. I'm going upstairs and give you a bath. You won't do one for Delta. So, I'm going up and give you a bath. And when your daddy wakes up, I'm going to tell him who done it". She said, "You don't have to do that, Charlie. I'll take a bath".

チャーリー・ホッジ・インタビュー (プリシラ&リサ)
Q : プリシラが初めて グレイスランドにやって来た時の事を 話して頂けますか?

A : 彼女はまだ とっても若かったので、 条件がありました。 それは、 彼女がエルヴィスの親の家に住むことと、 学校に通わせることでした。 その通り彼女はやりました。 彼女は良い教育を受けることができました。 それと、エルヴィスは彼女に 結婚まで手を出さなかったと 私は思っています。 心からそう信じてます。

Q : 2人が結婚した時のことを話してください。

A : 私は2人が結婚するのを知ってました。 というのも、 大佐を車で パーム・スプリングスに送って行ったからです。 皆なは 私がパーム・スプリングスに行くだけだと 思ってたでしょうが、 実際はベガスに行く予定でした。 大佐はアラジン・ホテルを予約してました。 私とジョーは 何も話さないように言われました。 それで、 誰にも気付かれませんでした。 アラジン・ホテルに到着して、 全ての段取が整った時に、 私は結婚式に立ち会えないと気付きました。 彼らが準備した部屋は、 家族とベスト・マンの ジョーとマーティが入っただけで 一杯になるほど狭かったからです。 そのことについて、 私は気になりませんでしたが、 他の皆なは不満をもらしました。 皆な結婚式に出席できると 思っていたからです。 しかし、 結婚披露宴には皆な招待されたのですから、 それで私は良かったと思いました。 私は皆なが入れないと知ってました。 しかし、 何人かは本当に怒っていました。 怒らすつもりでは無かったのに、 そうなってしまって残念でした。 しかし、 あれは大佐の いつものやり方だったのです。 結婚を大騒ぎから守るためだったのです。 エルヴィスのためだったのです。 結婚披露宴も行なわれましたが、 大佐はメディアを うまくコントロールしました。 大佐は何をすべきか 分ってたのです。

Q : パーム・スプリングスへのハネムーンについて 話して頂けますか?

A : 私たちは、当時 エルヴィスが借りていた エジプト風のモダンな家に滞在しました。 覚えてるのは、 結婚式の後に戻ってきて、 しばらく過ごしたのですが、 正直なところ、 よく覚えてないのです。 大佐の相手やその他のことで忙しくて、 無事に終えただけで ホッとしてたのです。

Q : メンフィスでも 披露パーティーをやりましたね。

A : そうです。 ベガスの披露宴に出席できなかった メンフィスの親族や友人の為に開きました。 エルヴィスとプリシラは 結婚式で着たガウンとタキシードを着ました。 全員集まりましたが、 あの件には 私はタッチしませんでした。

Q : サークルG牧場について話してください。 エルヴィスはどうして それを手に入れたのでしょうか?

A : エルヴィスとプリシラは 乗馬に夢中でしたね。 でも、グレイスランドは乗馬するには 13エイカーと狭くて、 適当な場所を捜していました。 そして、州境を越えた所に あの土地を見つけたのです。 165エイカーあって、 地主は売りたがっていました。 エルヴィスは買って、 馬をあの場所に移しました。 エルヴィスは 165エイカーの乗馬できる場所を 手に入れたのです。 そして、 何頭かのガートルーディス牛も 一緒に付いてきました。 元地主は牛を飼うために フェンスを張り巡らせたのですが、 エルヴィスは全ての牛を 売ってしまいました。 あそこでは 私たちは大いに楽しみました。 あの時は エルヴィスも外に出るのが好きでしたし、 彼は大きな古いウエスターン・ジャケットを着て カウボーイ・ハットを被りました。 私はグレイスランドを発つ前から知ってて、 可笑しくってたまらなかったのですが、 エルヴィスは厩舎にそれぞれの持ち主の名前を付けていたのです。 バーノンじゃなくて「父さんの」。 「プリシラの」、 そして「ぼくの」ってな具合に。 「エルヴィス」じゃなく 「ぼくの」って書いたのです。 可笑しいでしょう。

あそこに行って 最初にしたのは・・・。 馬を飼うための古い建物がありましたが、 エルヴィスが 「新しいのを建てよう」 と言ったので、 私が「ダメだよ、エルヴィス。 あの小屋で十分だ。 ペンキを塗り替えるだけでイケるよ。 白いペンキなら、見栄えも良くなるよ」 と言いました。 それで、 幾らかのお金が節約できました。 これは私やジョーが いつも努めていたことでした。 多くの人が エルヴィスにお金を使わせようとしたのを、 私たちは知っていましたから。 ある時、エルヴィスが 皆なにキャデラックを買い与えたのを知ったある人物が、 エルヴィスに買わせようと 豪華なキャデラックを選んで帰ってきました。 エルヴィスは私を呼んで、 「スティーブの結婚記念に 車を買ってやろうと思ってるんだが、 彼はキャデラックを欲しがってる。 どう思う?」 と訊いたので、 私は「彼のサラリーでは、 保険にも入れないよ」 と言いました。 「そうなんだよ。 ポンティアックか何かにしょうと思ってたんだ」と エルヴィスは言ったので、 私は「その方が良いよ」 と言いました。 そして、 ポンティアックに決まりました。

Q : 皆なで エルヴィスの面倒をみたのですね。

A : その必要があったのです。 色んな人物が来るのです。 例えば、 離婚したばかりの男がいて、 前妻から慰謝料を請求されてるのに、 その慰謝料が払えない。 しかし その男は エルヴィスに家を買わせようとするので、 エルヴィスに 事情を知らせる必要があったのです。

Q : エルヴィスは実際に しばらくトレーラーで暮らしたのですか?

A : 牧場では、 ずっとトレーラーで過ごしました。 牧場には 築100年の 改装されて美しくなった家がありました。 でもエルヴィスは皆なに トレーラーを買い与えて、 フェンス沿いにセメント版を並べて 通路を作りました。 自分用にもトレーラーを買い、 おばあさんにも1台買いました。 アラン・フォータスが牧場の責任者でしたので、 彼と奥さんが築100年の改装された家に住みました。 エルヴィスはトレーラーに住み、 そこで プリシラはリサ・マリーを身篭ったのです。

Q : 父親になると知った時の エルヴィスの反応を覚えてますか?

A : 何時だったか はっきり覚えてないのですが、 プリシラが妊娠したと 彼が言ったのは覚えています。 あの時は トロースデイルの家に住んでいて、 全てが家庭的でした。 エルヴィスのいとこのパッツィーが・・・、 彼女の夫のG.G.は 我々と一緒に住んでいて、 彼がエルヴィスの衣服を担当してました。 パッツィーはプリシラの世話をしてました。 パッツィーはエルヴィスのダブルいとこで、 お互いの両親が兄弟、 姉妹だったのです。 それで、テーブルを囲んで 家族みたいに暮らしてました。 あの家で過ごした時は 楽しかったのです。 ジョーとジョニーも よく来ました。 丸いテーブルを囲んで 家族のようでした。 大佐とディスキン氏も 来たことがありました。 大佐の昔のイカサマ話に 皆な笑ったものです。 まるで家族団欒のような時を過ごしました。 家族以上のものでした。 青年団の集まりなんかじゃなかったのです。 楽しい思い出です。

あれは多分、ジョーと私が 最初に知ったのでしょう。 まあ自然と分るものですが。 赤ん坊がもうすぐ生まれるという日の朝、 病院に向かった時のことは はっきりと覚えています。 ジェリー・シリングが車を運転していて、 「なあ、ジェリー、何処に向ってるんだ?」 と私が訊くと、 「メゾジスト病院」と 彼は答えたのです。 「違うよ、ジェリー。バプティストだよ」 と私が言うと、 彼は「チャーリー、絶対に・・・」 と言うので、 「ジェリー、どうでもいいから、 とにかく バプティスト病院に行ってよ」 と言ったのです。 車の中に電話がありましたので、 「ジョーに訊いてみようか」って、 ジョーに電話をかけました。 ジョーはロスに居て、 電話に出ました。 私が「病院に向ってるんだが・・・」と言うと、 彼は「プリシラに、 私が到着するまで産まないように伝えてくれ」って。 それで、 ジョーが着いたと同時に 赤ん坊が産まれたのです。 イェー!

Q : 子供が産まれた時、 エルヴィスは誇らしげだったでしょうね。

A : その通りです。 あれはまるで・・・。 あのような経験は他にありませんでした。 私はリサ・マリーを 姪のように思ってましたし、 私たちは家族のように固く結ばれていました。 あれはまるで奇跡が起こったかのようでした。 私はリサ・マリーをプリシラのホミニー・ヒルズの家に、 週末によく送り迎えしてましたが、 その時に1度 彼女が私に訊いてきたことがありました。 「チャーリー、 あなたは私の叔父さんか何かなの?」 って訊いたので、 「多分、何かの方だろう」 って言ってやりましたよ。

Q : エルヴィスはリサに あだ名を付けましたか?

A : そう、エルヴィスはリサをインジュンとか、 そのような似た名前で呼んでました。 私はパンキンと呼んでました。 私が本を出した時、 その本の巻頭に 「パンキンに捧げる」 と書いたのですが、 リサに1度 「パンキンって何?」って 尋ねられました。 それで私は 「パンプキン(かぼちゃ)の南部流の言い方だよ。 南部では小さな子供をパンキンって呼ぶんだ」 と言うと、 リサは「オー」と言ったきり 黙ってしまいました。

Q : リサが小さい時、 グレイスランドで何をして遊んでましたか?

A : 彼女と同じぐらいの年齢の子供が数人いました。 エルヴィスは昼間はずっと眠ってましたので、 彼女は多かれ少なかれ 無茶をしてました。 好きなことをやり放題でしたね。 ペプシ・コーラに砂糖を入れて振って飲んだり、 そのようなことです。 ある時、 エルヴィスの家事全般をやっていた デルタ叔母さんが私に言いました。 「チャーリー、 リサ・マリーに お風呂に入るように言ってくれない? 私じゃダメなのよ。」 リサはジョーや私の言う事は聞きましたので、 行って、「リサ、行こう」って言うと、 リサが「何?」と言ったので、 「2階に行って、お風呂に入ろう。 デルタ叔母さんの言うことを 聞かないそうじゃないか。 お父さんが起きたら、 リサが誰にお風呂に入れてもらったか報告するからね」 と私が言うと、 彼女に「チャーリー、 来なくていいよ、 一人で入るから」 って言われました。

Charlie Hodge Interview (The Comeback)
Q : Was Elvis nervous about coming back to Vegas?

A : Yes, he had a bad experience on that the Dorsey Brothers Show. And that was that Elvis heard women scream, he stopped for a minute. Well, the orchestras way back then, when everythings going in meter. When come back in, it wasn't with the orchestra. And that spooked him. So, when we did start back, we had some fellows that I knew like Billy Strange who was -- I had worked on when I was a guest on Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, and his managers, TV show at that time. And I knew Billy and knew he and Elvis would get along. And when we first did the '68 comeback, we had the full orchestra and a choir in the same room. Elvis said, "Charlie, I can't read music. I don't know when to come in". I said, "Don't worry. I'll tell Billy to turn to you when it's time to come in". And I said, "After you do that a few times, you'll feel when it's natural to come in". And he said, "Okay". He trusted me on it. And I told Billy. And so, when it come time for him to start singing on like the first thing, Billy turned to him like that. And after that, Elvis was home free. He was comfortable working with the orchestra again, because he had a conductor working with him.

Q : How was Elvis working with Steven Binder on the 68 Special?

A : The Colonel wanted that to be a Christmas show. And Steve Binder, over a period of time, talking with Elvis and what he thought it should be, it evolved into what it was. But Elvis was very much in control. I mean, he knew what was going on. And he knew these people and what they were trying. Like some of the numbers he did he felt were just like the movies he's been doing, you know, where they'd choreograph him and had a fight scene like that.

When the sit down portion in the circle, when they first did that, they had us out there by ourselves. And the fans were back about 30 yards there, or something like that. And Elvis just talking softly, said, "Man, I don't like this being this far from the audience". I said, "Well, it's your show. Ask them if they want to come down here". And Elvis stood up and said, "You all want to come and sit down around here?" And the director said, "No". It was too lake. They were all down there around him. And that and the gospel segment was the most popular part of the 68 Comeback.

Q : Talking about the 1968 Special, did the Colonel come around to supporting Steve Binder?

A : Yes, he did. Well, the Colonel finally came around -- saw that Elvis was agreeing with Steve Binder. And the Colonel didn't want to seem to disagree with Elvis. They would never do that in front of anybody anyway. And so he just came around slowly. But he kept his finger in by telling them, say, yeah, remember this now. And he'd keep them back also. I remember on time that the producer went up to Colonel Parker, and he said, "Colonel, Do you think you could tell Elvis to use a lighter dye on his hair? It's just too black". Colonel said, "I don't think I'll do that". Said, "Just let's come on, let's go back over to the studios". And he left. Well, the guy went up, and he said, "Elvis, you think you could do your hair just a little lighter? It's just too dark". He said, "What do you mean it's too dark". He said, "I don't say nothing about that damn toupee you got on and how bad it looks". And just backed the guy down.

Q : When the Special was finished, did Elvis seem really pleased with it?

A : Yes, it did. Like I said, he liked the sit down portion and the gospel bit. Because those were comfortable things to do. The other things were a lot like the movie. Because they were poorly choreographed. But it still was probably the most watched special of the year when it come on.

Q : Which brings us to 1969, and you helped with a lot of the preparation of Elvis coming back.

A : We all did. We had a group of people, especially Joe and I hope so myself, that could think. He didn't have to tell us to do anything. We could do it. So, I'd be working with music and everything. And Joe would be sitting over there timing the songs, about how long each song lasts. Because that's where you got to pace the solos according to how much time you got there, when it adds up. And so, we had that going for us, that Joe was over there taking care of business without being told. And I was doing what I had to do, whatever it was. And we used to sit and go through songs for a picture or for just a recording however. And we'd sit and listen to songs. Like Red West and I would do it. And, you know, sometimes Joe would be around, and we'd listen to these records. Because Elvis didn't want to listen to all of them. I mean, you get a hundred songs then for a 12-song album. And sometimes 200. And you'd go through those, and we'd try to save the ones that we thought were very good, fair, terrible and so forth. So, Elvis would just listen to the ones that we thought were real good. And then he would select ones from that what he thought would fit the scene.

You know, and we had a lot of scenes because like some songs are good for the picture, but they're not good played on the radio. Like there was a song called "The Walls Have Ears". But you had to see the movie to see the walls bouncing back and forth and, you know, things coming off of there and everything. You can't see that on a record. And that was the only bad thing about having some of the recordings that was done on recording sessions for pictures. And "Stay Away Joe" was so funny to me. We was cutting out the session. And Elvis had a song in there where he had to sing to a bull. Moo, moo, moo, you little fadoo. Well, when they played the demo, Scotty Moore looked over to Elvis and said, "Elvis, has it come to this?" Yeah, and Elvis just busted out laughing. "Dominic".

Q : In Vegas at the International Hotel, how was it that opening night?

A : Well, the first time Elvis played Vegas, he didn't do very well. Because in those days, see there was many adults in there. And all his fans were under age, couldn't get into casinos. And he failed. And Merv Griffin ended up the sings star of the show, because he was a band singer in that orchestra at that time that was there. So, Elvis was concerned about that. But again, when we was recording for the 68 Comeback, he got comfortable with an orchestra. And too, I think one of the things that helped Elvis want to get back on stage and get back touring again was he and Tom Jones became very good friends, I mean, very good friends. And he'd see Tom doing his act up there. And he thought, well, "I can do mine". You know, I'm sure he thought that even though he never expressed it that way. But that must have been something he looked at and said, "Well, gee, I think I may be able to try back". And that 68 Comeback helped set it up.

And so, when we started into Vegas, the first thing we did is we had all these musicians, like James Burton. When we got to RCA, RCA had a list of the hot guitar players in town. And top of the list was James Burton. But I'll tell you who was before that, the top guitar player was Glen Campbell. And he played on some of Elvis's sessions before he became a star on movie things. But James Burton. And then, James would suggest somebody, because he knows who's the good recording, who's the good basses. That's how we got Jerry Scheff. I think Scheff suggested Ronnie Tutt. And they all became the nucleus of band. It really the band was this. It was Ronnie Tutt on drums, Jerry Scheff on bass, Glen D. Hardin on piano. At first, we had another piano player Larry Mahoberac, but he just went through the first time. And Glen D. came in later. But that was the nucleus of the band.

I wanted the other guy, John Wilkinson, who played rhythm guitar in the band... I wanted to balance out the look of the band up there. Because without John there, it would have been top heavy on this side and just James over there by himself. It wasn't necessarily for me to be there or for John to be there. But Elvis wanted us there or wanted me there. And I wanted to balance the picture. Because I'm looking in my minds eye at what the people are going to be looking at. And it worked. We ended up at one time there, I know, during those last tours, over the years, you wouldn't know we'd done this many songs, but we had over 500 orchestrations for songs that we had done on stage. It changed that much. It was an interesting thing one time to the Colonel.

Q : Elvis had nicknames for all you guys. Do you recall those nicknames?

A : Well, I know Joe was Charmin Carmen. And they used to say that except for Burton, he called me Slewfoot. But I think that was one time in 17 years. Because it was always. Actually, he never said Charlie. If you listen to my introductions on his live performance. "And the guy who plays guitar and sings higher than me, Cholly Hodge". That's C-H-O-L-L-Y, Cholly Hodge, you know.

チャーリー・ホッジ・インタビュー (カムバック)
Q : エルヴィスは カムバックに神経質になっていましたか?

A : エルヴィスは (オーケストラには) ドーシー・ショーで苦い経験をしました。 あの時は、 女の子たちの叫び声で エルヴィスが歌うのをちょっと止めてしまい、 オーケストラの間奏が終わって戻った時に エルヴィスとオーケストラの演奏が かみ合わなかったのです。 それがトラウマになっていました。 カムバックの時は、 私がテネシー・アーニー・フォード・ショーに出た時から ビリー・ストレンジを知ってましたので、 ビリーとエルヴィスはうまく行くだろうと思いました。 '68 カムバックで初めて録音スタジオに入った時、 フル・オーケストラとコーラスも一緒でした。 その時、 エルヴィスが 「チャーリー、 楽譜が読めないので、 何処で入ったらいいか解からない」 と言ったので、 「心配ないよ。 ビリーに合図を送るよう頼むから。 2,3度やれば、 自然に入る場所が解かるようになるさ」 と私は言いました。 エルヴィスは「OK」と言って、 私を信じてくれました。 ビリーに話して、 ビリーはエルヴィスが最初に入るときに 合図を送りました。 それでエルヴィスは楽になり、 オーケストラとの仕事も固くならないでやることが出来たのです。 コンダクターを味方に付けたのですから。

Q : 68 TV スペシャルで、 エルヴィスはスティーブ・ビンダーと どのように仕事をしましたか?

A : 大佐はクリスマス・ショーにしたかったのです。 それで、 スティーブ・ビンダーは 時間をかけて エルヴィスと話し合い、 彼の考え、 やりたいことを説明しました。 エルヴィスは非常に冷静で、 事態を把握してました。 彼らが何をしたがっていたのか分ってました。 幾つかの曲では それまでのエルヴィス映画と 変わらなかったのです。 振付けや喧嘩のシーンです。

シットダウン・ショーは、 最初は私たちだけで、 ファンは30ヤードほど離れて座っていました。 エルヴィスが 「観客とこんなに離れてるのは気に入らないなあ」 と言ったので、 私が「あなたのショーなんだから、 彼らに近くに来るように言えば」 と言ったら、 エルヴィスは立ち上がって、 「皆な、もっとこっちに来て、 周りに座ったほうがいいだろ?」 と言ったのです。 ディレクターが「ダメ!」 と言った時にはもう遅くて、 皆な彼の周りに座ってました。 その部分とゴスペル部分は 68 カムバックのハイライトになりました。

Q : 68 TV スペシャルでは、 大佐はスティーブ・ビンダーに協力しましたか?

A : 協力しました。 最後には大佐が折れました。 エルヴィスとスティーブ・ビンダーが合意したことに対して、 大佐が反対することはありませんでした。 少なくとも人前では 大佐とエルヴィスは対立しませんでした。 大佐は徐々に折れましたが、 あらゆることに口出ししました。 ある時、 プロデューサーが大佐に言ったのです。 「大佐、エルヴィスの髪の毛が黒過ぎるから、 彼に少し明るくするように言ってくれませんか?」 大佐は「私は言えないから、 私と一緒にスタジオに行こう」って、 彼をエルヴィスのところに連れて行き、 大佐は帰ってしまいました。 プロデューサーはひとりでやって来て言いました。 「エルヴィス、 髪の毛をもう少し明るくしたいと思わないか? 黒過ぎると思わないか?」 エルヴィスは言い返しました。 「黒過ぎるって、どういうことなんだよ。 私は君のカツラが見苦しいと言ったことはないだろう。」

Q : TV スペシャルが完成したとき、 エルヴィスは出来上がりに満足したでしょうか?

A : しました。 彼はシットダウン・ショーと ゴスペルの部分を気に入ってました。 というのもこれらはエルヴィスの普段の姿で、 他の部分は今までの映画と変わりなかったからです。 振り付けも良くありませんでした。 しかし、 あれは年間最高視聴率のスペシャル番組になりました。

Q : そうして、 いよいよ1969年、 エルヴィスのカムバックの準備に 携わったわけですね。

A : 皆なで協力しました。 ジョーと私以外にも沢山の人がいましたが、 自分の考えでやりました。 特にエルヴィスが あれこれ指図することはありませんでした。 私は曲目選びをやり、 ジョーはその曲の時間を測ったりしました。 舞台上のペース配分は大事なのです。 私たちは言われるまでもなく、 自分で考えて仕事をしました。 しなければいけないことは、 何でもしていましたね。 映画やレコーディングの時の 曲選びもよくしました。 レッド・ウエストや私が デモ・レコードを聴くのです。 エルヴィスは聴きたがらなかったからです。 12曲のアルバムに 100から200曲もデモ・レコードが用意されました。 私たちがそれらを聴いて、 良い、普通、悪いと 選り分けたのです。 そしてエルヴィスは 私たちが良いと思ったものだけを聴いて、 その中からシーンに合ったものを選びました。

沢山のミュージカル・ナンバーがありますが、 映画としては良くても、 レコードでは良くない場合があります。 例えば、 "The Walls Have Ears" は映画では 壁が動いたり、 物が落ちて来たりしますが、 レコードではそれが分りません。 映画用にレコーディングされた曲には そのような悪い面がありました。 映画 "Stay Away Joe" でも可笑しなことがありました。 エルヴィスが牛に向って歌う曲があったのです。 デモを聴いたとき、 スコティ・ムーアがエルヴィスに 「エルヴィス、こんなのやるのかい?」 と訊いたのです。 エルヴィスは吹き出しました。 "Dominic" という曲です。

Q : ラスベガス、 インターナショナル・ホテルでの オープニング・ナイトはどうでしたか?

A : エルヴィスが56年に初めてベガスに出た時は、 うまく行きませんでした。 あの頃は大人の観客しかいなかったからです。 彼のファンは低年齢で、 カジノに入れなかったのです。 彼がうまくいかなくて、 マーブ・グリフィンがショーの歌手を最後まで務めました。 マーブがオーケストラ専属の歌手だったからです。 エルヴィスはその時のことを覚えていて心配してました。 しかし、 68 カムバックのレコーディングで オーケストラにも違和感がなくなってました。 そしてまた、 エルヴィスをステージやツアーに戻す 手助けとなったのは、 トム・ジョーンズの存在でした。 彼と大変親しくなり、 トムの公演を見て、 「自分もやれる」と 確信したのです。 エルヴィスがはっきりとそう言ったことはありませんが、 トムを見て、そして、 「うん、やり直せるだろう」みたいなことを言ったと覚えてます。 そして、 68 カムバックの成功が 後押しになりました。

そして、 ベガス出演が決まって、 最初にしたのが ジェームス・バートンのようなミュージシャンを集めることでした。 RCAに行った時に、 RCAにギタリストのリストが作られてあり、 リストのトップが ジェームス・バートンでした。 しかし、 我々には意中の人物もいました。 それはグレン・キャンベルでした。 彼は映画とかで有名になる前に エルヴィスのセッションに参加したこともありました。 しかし、 ジェームス・バートンに決まり、 ジェームスが誰かを推薦するという具合でした。 彼は誰が良いベーシストかを知っており、 ジェリー・シェフを連れて来ました。 シェフがロニー・タットを呼んだと思います。 彼らがバンドの中心になりました。 良いバンドが出来上がりました。 ロニー・タットがドラムス。 ジェリー・シェフがベース。 グレン・ハーディンがピアノ。 最初のピアノはラリー・マホベラックでしたが 1度だけでした。 グレンは後から来ました。 これらがバンドの中心になりました。

私がもう一人、 リズム・ギターに ジョン・ウィルキンソンを入れました。 バンドを見た時のバランスを考えたのです。 ジョンがいなければ、 片方が重くなって、 ジェームスが孤立するでしょう。 私やジョンは 必ずしも必要ではなかったのですが、 エルヴィスが望んだのです。 写真を写した時のバランスと同じで、 私は心の目で 誰がどのように写るか考えたのです。 そしてそれはうまく行きました。 私たちも入る事になりました。 何年間も多くのツアーをやり、 ご存知ないでしょうが、 私たちは沢山の曲を演奏しました。 500を超える曲をステージでやりました。 かなり変更しました。 大佐もこれには驚いていました。

Q : エルヴィスは 皆なにあだ名を付けてましたが、 それらのあだ名を覚えてますか?

A : ジョーは「チャーミン・カルメン」でした。 バートン以外はそう呼んでました。 エルヴィスは私を「スルーフット」と名付けましたが、 そう呼んだのは17年間で1度だけでした。 実際には、 チャーリーとも言いませんでした。 ライブの時の私の紹介を聴いてください。 「ギターとコーラスはチョーリー・ホッジ。」 C-H-O-L-L-Y。 チョーリー・ホッジだったのですよ。

(Apr.20, 2005)

News from (Apr.19, 2005)
New TV Ads Promote Tourism To Graceland
Graceland Launches Its First TV Ad:
'The Home Where Elvis Lives'

MEMPHIS, Tennessee, April 19, 2005 - Two 30-second television commercials designed to attract vacationing families to Graceland to experience the "real" Elvis Presley will air nationally beginning in late April.

It will be the first time in the history of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. that the company has used television advertising to promote Graceland tourism.

The spots, created by Memphis-based Thompson & Company, feature vintage home movies of Elvis, his family and friends. The message reminds viewers that Elvis was a genuine, fun-loving person, not merely an icon, and people still can visit his home in Memphis and actually see where and how he lived.

"Elvis was such an amazing entertainer that we sometimes forget there is so much more to him than all those great songs and fabulous shows," said Mark Robinson, executive creative director at Thompson & Company. "We wanted to remind people that by visiting his home, Graceland, they can actually see how he lived and really meet the man behind the legend."

The spots are tagged, "Graceland. Where Elvis Lives."

Jennifer Burgess, director of marketing at Elvis Presley Enterprises, said the goals for the spots are to create awareness of Graceland as a prime leisure travel destination and increase ticket sales for tours and merchandise revenues.

"Our marketing budget is limited and traditionally we have relied on print advertising, online marketing and the news media to communicate our tourism marketing message," she said. "However, this year offers a unique opportunity for us to capitalize on national television exposure around Elvis resulting from sweeps month programming on CBS."

CBS will air two high-profile, prime-time shows about Presley during the sweeps month of May. One program, "Elvis," is a two-part miniseries; the other "Elvis By the Presleys," is a TV special featuring home movies, vintage performance footage and new, intimate interviews with this former wife, Priscilla Beaulieu Presley and their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

"Those shows will create a significant buzz around Elvis Presley and we hope to capitalize on this increased focus," Burgess said. "Spring is also the time of the year when families plan summer vacations and we want to put Graceland on their radar screens as the perfect family destination."

Michael Thompson, chairman & CEO of Thompson & Company, said, "Working with Elvis Presley Enterprises is an opportunity any ad agency dreams about. Our experience in the travel and tourism industry and, sensitivity to what Elvis means in American history, made us a blue-suede shoe-in for this account."

The Graceland spots will air via satellite on Dish Network's women-targeted channels that include HGTV, Lifetime, Food Network, Style, Discover Home, WE, Lifetime Movie Network, Discovery Health, DIY, Wisdom Television and SoapNET.

Burgess said the decision to use satellite was made because "we are targeting a very specific audience and the broad spectrum of channels targeting this demo are well represented there. We want to reach women 25 to 54 who plan vacations for their families. Also, since our media budget is limited, we need a cost-effective plan that will give us the best exposure to our targeted demographic."

Initially, two 30-second spots were produced which will run piggy-backed as a 60-second spot. Viewers will be asked to contact Graceland by phone at 1-888-ELVIS LIVES or visit tourgraceland.com. To create the spots, Iddo Patt, broadcast producer at Thompson & Company, estimates he spent more than two weeks reviewing home movies. "It was the experience of a lifetime to be able to immerse myself in the real lives of Elvis and his family," Patt said. "It was a privilege. And it was very touching."

Some of the footage used in the two spots has never been seen by the public.

"Elvis Presley Enterprises has something no one else in the world has: Elvis," said Patt. "When you get close to Elvis, you realize what an inspirational person he was . . . or should I say 'is.'"

King's Have Castles (Real Player - Stream)
See Him in Person (Real Player - Stream)

 全米ネットのTVで、 今月末から グレイスランドのCMが放送されることになりました。 ここにも 初公開のホーム・ムービーが使われてますので、 ますます "Elvis by the Presleys" の放送が楽しみになってきました。

(Apr.18, 2005)


「エルヴィス・オン・ステージ」 自主上映会

<日時> 2005年 6月26日 (日)

<場所> Denkikan Cinema
     熊本市新市街 8-2 (096-352-2121)

<時間> 6:30pm 開場 7:00pm〜 一回上映

<料金> 前売:1,500円 (当日:1,800円)

     道・Elvis Presley Blvd. (栗崎 道博)
     熊本市迎町 1-3-24 (TEL&FAX 096-324-0911)

<協力> シナジー

鶴屋百貨店 「第15回 アメリカン・フェア」内に、 エルヴィス展示ブースが設けられ、 栗崎さんが資料提供されるそうです。
<日時> 2005年 4月27日(水) 〜 5月 3日(火)
<場所> 鶴屋百貨店 本館6階 大催事場 (熊本市手取本町 6-1)

(Apr.15, 2005)

CD "Elvis, Live From Las Vegas"
(The Las Vegas Centennial Collection)

Release Date: May 10, 2005

Track Listing:
See See Rider / Release Me / Sweet Caroline / The Wonder Of You / Polk Salad Annie / Proud Mary / Walk A Mile In My Shoes / Let It Be Me / I Can't Stop Loving You / Never Been To Spain / You Gave Me A Mountain / It's Impossible / It's Over / The Impossible Dream / An American Trilogy

(Apr.11, 2005)

Elvis Lives In His 70th Birthday Year

Sony/BMG plans May 3 for the soundtrack to Elvis by the Presleys, a two-hour CBS-TV special on Elvis Presley's life slated to air in May. The TV special will have plenty of Elvis music, but the highlight will be ex-wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa Marie telling their stories throughout the show. The soundtrack CD will consist of one primary 24-track disc with material ranging from the expected ("Heartbreak Hotel," "In the Ghetto") to less-famous ("I'll Hold You in My Heart," "Got a Lot O' Livin' to Do!"). A second bonus disc features eight rarities, some of which were outlined by album co-producer Ernst Mikael Jorgensen:

"It Wouldn't Be the Same Without You" (1954) - "We don't have any unreleased [Sun] demos with Elvis," Jorgensen says, "but we have this one which was only used once. We wanted to show what Elvis sounded like before anybody, even Sam Phillips, knew him."

"Jailhouse Rock" (1957) - "We hear him do the first five takes of 'Jailhouse Rock,' how he builds that song." In Duophonic stereo, with four of the five takes perviously unreleased.

"You'll Be Gone" (1962) - "A song that Elvis wrote with Red West and Charlie Hodge. Their initial idea was to re-do 'Begin the Beguine' with new lyrics, but Cole Porter didn't grant them permission. So the guys decided, 'Let's just change the chords around a bit and create a new song.' The reason we've included it is because it's the last time Elvis ever wrote a song.

"Too Much Monkey Business" (1968) - "We hear him goof around in the studio with Jerry Reed, totally enjoying it, semi-jamming on the song before they get a real take done. It's the same session that produced 'U.S. Male,' and they're running out of repertoire, so they start doing this [Chuck Berry] song. They're just having fun, with Elvis going off, singing small pieces of other songs. Elvis's mannerisms completely take over, because he knows it's not the final take, that they're still 'getting there.' So it's very charming."

"Baby What You Want Me to Do" (1973) - "We've acquired two recordings of Elvis just sitting at the home of friends. He's sitting there in somebody's living room, playing this Jimmy Reed song, with just a guitar."

There's more release news in the pipeline for Elvis fanatics. Jorgensen oversees and produces the Follow That Dream series of special Elvis releases that are sold only through Graceland, the fan club and very selected outlets. The series presents live concerts, studio outtakes and expanded versions of Elvis albums that are deemed too specialty - driven for the normal marketplace - a "legal bootleg series," if you will. The series is up to about 40 titles at this point.

(Apr.10, 2005)

「トラブル IN ベガス」 (Elvis Has Left The Building)

『マイ・ビッグ・ファット・ウエディング』の ジョエル・ズウィック監督最新作、 『トラブル IN ベガス』の公開が決定しました。
運命の人と出会えたはずの "ピンク・レディ" ハーモニー・ジョーンズ。 しかし彼女の通ったあとには、 なぜか1体、 また1体と "エルヴィスそっくりさん" の死体が残されていく・・・
アカデミー女優、 キム・ベイシンガーと 『マイ・ビッグ・ファット・ウエディング』の ジョン・コーベットが繰り広げる ちょっと奇妙な味のラブ・コメディ。 (作品紹介ページ

6月11日、 シブヤ・シネマ・ソサエティ(7/8迄) ほかにてロードショー公開!

2004年 / アメリカ映画 / ドルビーサラウンド / 87分
配給:メディア・スーツ  (公式HP)

(Apr.9, 2005)

"Elvis by the Presleys" のオフィシャル・サイトが更新されました。
珍しい写真や、 TV番組からのビデオ・クリップも アップされてます。
このビデオ(Broadband - Dial-up)には 初めて見るホーム・ムービーが出てきます。

(Apr.9, 2005)

Real video
"Elvis" CBS ミニ・シリーズの オフィシャル・サイトが アップされました。

Elvis Online
Official site for the CBS mini. April 08, 2005 - CBS has launched the official site for their new two-part event miniseries Elvis. The biopic stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the late King of Rock n' Roll.

The cast includes Camryn Manheim as his beloved momma Gladys, Robert Patrick as dad Vernon, Antonia Bernath as Elvis' wife Priscilla, Rose McGowan as starlet Ann-Margret, and Randy Quaid as manager Col. Tom Parker.

Not all of the links on the site are fully working as of yet but the features include a story synopsis, cast credits, videos, still photos, and a community section.

The community section includes a sweepstakes entry, "Ask Camryn Manheim," a pop quiz, and a poll.

The logo on the site shows Rhys Meyers in moody profile as Elvis. This is the same image that residents of L.A. may have noticed gracing a billboard on the side of a CBS soundstage on Beverly Boulevard. The tagline on the Elvis billboard reads: "The legend you know. The story you don't."

As the official site reminds us, Elvis was produced with the full cooperation and participation of the Elvis Presley Estate, thus allowing the King's master recordings to be heard for the first time in a biographical film.

Elvis will air May 8th and 11th on CBS.

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