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Kimiko and Haruo Hirose at Grand Canyon
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with Greg Miller at Otsu Prince Hotel (12/23/98)

I've been an ELVIS fan for over 30 years since 1964. when I was 13 years old, my sister bought a stereo record player with radio. Came from radio were such songs like "Suspicion","Fun in Acapulco","Viva Las Vegas" and "Poetry in Motion"(not Elvis). I had immediately became a popular music fan. I learned English from those pop songs. In January, 1965, (I was 14 years old), I saw first time an ELVIS movie, titled "ROUSTABOUT" coupled with Jerry Lewis comedy in near-by theater. (I like Jerry Lewis, too). In 1965, I saw 2 more ELVIS movies, "GIRL HAPPY" and "TICKLE ME". Both films had so much fun for 14 years old boys. I became an ELVIS fan and had liked his films.
In 1964, the Beatles came out, but I liked ELVIS more than anyone elso. I started to buy ELVIS records only.
Around 1967-68, ELVIS' popularity was falling down. It was "DOUBLE TROUBLE" that the first time ELVIS film was not released in theaters in Japan. BUT, I became bigger ELVIS fan than before, I followed ELVIS movies from town to town's smaller theaters. 1968, ELVIS seemed to change something. I didn't know clearly it then. But GUITAR MAN, U.S.MALE were different from songs like LONG LEGGED GIRL. Suddenly mid-1968, ELVIS appeared on the Singer TV Special. (It was aired in Japan, Jan.3,1970.) I was excited to see New ELVIS. And "MEMPHIS" album, What's GOOD!!
In 1969, I attend a college in Osaka, where I got in ELVIS fan club. I found there were many ELVIS fans, who were more crazy about Elvis than me. They had influenced me. They paid so much money for ELVIS. They bought anything on ELVIS. I was the same.
Early 1971, We could see "ELVIS-THAT'S THE WAY IT IS". That's big Hit in Japan. So instant ELVIS fans were here and there. In 1972, We heard ELVIS came to Hawaii to show. Hawaii is the nearest U.S. islands from Japan. I decided to go to see Him on stage. It was my "Only Elvis Experience". I saw ELVIS on stage 3 times, Nov.17-18 in Hawaii.(this was not a satellite TV show) HOW GREAT THOU ART was a highlight of the show. Recent years I have been very busy, I can not have enough time to spend for ELVIS. Through the INTERNET, I would like to open my ELVIS pages for fans of the world. INTERNET must be the best place.
Haruo Hirose, 10/10/1995

More about me
In 1969, I was a member of various fan clubs in the US like Hound Dogs FC and Sean Shaver's Elvis Presly Fan Club and subscribed fan magazines like Strictly Elvis and Elvis Monthly.
In 1970, I started to trade with fans of oversea countries. A very first Elvis fan I wrote to was Hans Langbroek of Holland who wrote a book "Hillbilly Cat". I traded with him many Elvis things. I sent him Japanese Records and I got from him bootleg records and "live" tapes. After that I had traded with a hundred of Elvis fans like Paul Dowling, Jim Curtin, Andy Kern and Claude Laliberte of Spring Fever FC in Canada. I am proud to say I was one of the very first fans who cheated by Paul Lic*ter.
In 1972, I sent Hawaii report to Rex Martin's Weekly News Service. And on Jan.'75 issue of Strictly Elvis, an article of "Elvis in Hawaii 1957" written by me appeared. For over 35 years I'm Elvis fan and proud of it.
(Haruo Hirose, Apr.20. 2000)

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