Unique genus, species and family, Ayu. No fishes other than ayu have been reared and loved so much by the Japanese. The ayu have a very sleek body and aromatic fragrance, and when broiled with salt they are tastier than any other species. For a long time Japanese people have raised ayu and think they are very beautiful, but they also feel sorry for them because of their short life span of only one year. Ayu and `Tomo-zuri` are very unique to Japan, and to the Japanese they are a symbol of the countryside giving them a feeling of being with nature.


Rivers in Japan are very beautiful, especially, the upper reaches of them where blue clean water flows and they are surrounded by deep green woods. The number of anglers who enjoy ayu fishing and being with mother nature have increased greatly over the years but ayu fishing has always had a long and popular history because many anglers in Japan are fascinated by its beauty and strength. There are two ayu fishing styles. One method using an artificial fly is called Dobu-zuri.
The other one is called Tomo-zuri which takes advantage of their territorial habits when they fight off other fish, a technique rarely seen in any other countries.