What is AYU fishing?

Well, it is a very difficult question. Japanese fish called "AYU" eat waterweed on pebbles or rocks on the water bed. Each fish tries to keep a teritory of around 5 to10 feet in diameter. When another AYU comes into his teritory, he fights with the newcomer to drive him away. He attacks on his belly bottom. What happens if a hook is hanging underneath this newcomer's belly? There is a good chance that this poor fish is hooked! You use an AYU fish at the end of your line to catch another AYU. But, the AYU at the end of the line is not a bait. He is an invader. A fish brings another fish! Yes, the name of the game is AYU fishing. You got it? No? Well, let me explain with illustrations.

This is your AYU at the end of your line. A set of triple or 4 hooks is hanging under the fish.
You guide this fish into another AYU's teritory.

You can see the owner AYU of this teritory. He is eating waterweed on rocks on the river bed. He is watching out that no fish comes into his teritory.

Now, you guide YOUR fish at the end of line with a very long rod into his teritory. The owner AYU is now aware of the new invader. He is watching if the invader goes away or stays in the teritory.

The invader shows no sign of going away (because YOU keep him there!). The owner AYU is wondering if he should fight or not.

He is getting mad now. He is ready to fight.

He attachs on his belly bottom. The invader tries to escape PULLING the hooks after him.

Hooked! Poor fish is caught. Hooked on the shoulder where it does not hurt the fish.

You pull two fish into your net. But, what is unique about AYU fishing starts now! You change the fish. The one you just caught is now your invader fish to get another fish. When you catch the next fish, you change again. And, so on and so on and .........
This is possible because the fish hooked on the shoulder is not hurt at all and strong.
The name of the game?



(Illustrations from the famous Hyper Card Stack "Story of AYU" by Y. Maruta. )

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