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Snow near Kyoto
Biwako Valley Ski Resort Onsen Hotel Holiday Afternoon
-very good access from Kyoto and Osaka -Free suttle to Biwako Valley and station

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About Biwako Valley ski resort
altitude 1,174m
course 9
lift 5
veiw good
beginner OK 3 beginner course
rental OK ski, board and wear
lunch OK restaurants on top
school OK English OK

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Why many travelers from abroad come to stay at HolidayAfternoon?

When traveling in Japan,many travelers want to see the snow near Kyoto and Osaka.
Between the end of December and mid-March, many travelers from abroad will come to stay at HolidayAfternoon.

If you go to Hokkaido and Nagano, you can see the snow.
However, to go to the famous area of the snow from Kyoto and Osaka, it will take a very high cost and long time.
HolidayAfternoon has been selected by the travelers who want to save money and time.

Very good access to Shiga Prefecture from Kyoto.
The local Japanese living in Kyoto and Osaka will go to Shiga Prefecture to see the snow and to enjoy skiing.
Smart travelers staying at HolidayAfternoon, they will go to the Biwako Valley Ski Resort.
Why HolidayAfternoon is chosen, we will explain why.

1. You can see the snow.

In Kyoto and Osaka,it's not much snowfall.
If you are lucky you can see the snow in Kyoto and Osaka.
If you go to a little high mountains such as Mount Hiei, it is increased probability to see the snow.
However, the lack of certainty to see the silver world.

Biwako Valley Ski Resort is on the top of the mountain beyond the altitude of 1000m!
If the ski resort is in business, you will easily be able to see the silver world.
And from the top of mountain, you can overlooking the beautiful Lake Biwa, which is the largest lake in Japan!

2. Good access from Kyoto

It takes quite a full day to transit such as airplanes ,trains and buses to go to Hokkaido and Nagano.
Round trip is in two days.
Including a stay at the ski resort, it's better that you plan for at least 3-4 days.
You will spend a lot of money and time, and you will get tired.
There are few Ski resorts also in Kyoto.
However, all these ski resorts are far from center of Kyoto,
and the access by public transport is poor, it takes 3-4 hours access by bus or car.
To go to the Biwako Valley Ski Resort, it takes 1-2 hours.

40 minutes by train(JR Kosei Line) from Kyoto Station to Shiga Station,
10 minutes by bus from the Shiga Station,
10 minutes by ropeway to the top of the mountain. In access from Kyoto Station,
Biwako Valley Ski Resort is the best ski resort.
Also, if staying at HolidayAfternoon, we have a shuttle service,
between HolidayAfternoon and Omimaiko Station (JR Kosei Line), HolidayAfternoon and Biwako Valley Ski Resort.

3. Cheap and Easy

Price of the ski resort is not cheap, it is reasonable price.
But it's cheap considering to pay transportation costs and 3-4 nights' accommodation.
In Biwako Valley Ski Resort, there is a rental of ski, snowboard and skiwear. You can enjoy easily.
If you stay at HolidayAfternoon, please phone us from Omimaiko Station,
we will pick you up and bring you to Biwako Valley Ski Resort.
And you can use the discount coupon of the ski resort.

4. You can see the largest lake in Japan

Lake Biwa is very beautiful and it's largest lake in Japan.
West of Lake Biwa has beautiful beaches, it's beach resort in summer.

Countryside spread from the window of the train,
Lake Biwa on the right, the snowy mountains of altitude 1000m class on the left, can see it at once.

The scenery of the snow and lake is also very beautiful and recommended.

In addition, if explore the surroundings,
you will find such as quietly standing temples and shrines in the views of the mountains and lake.

5. hot water of the hira-shoufuku-onsen quality is good

If you visited Japan, please enjoy a variety of hot springs.

hot water of the hira-shoufuku-onsen is cloudy by many components, color seems olive.
The main component is sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate has excellent skin-beautifying effect.

HolidayAfternoon Guests can bathe in private bath.
After skiing, the body is cold and very tired. To warm the body in the hot spring, please recover the body.

To see the snow near Kyoto and Osaka, it is recommended
to go to the Biwako Valley Ski Resort and to stay at HolidayAfternoon.

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名称 ホリデーアフタヌーン
住所 〒520-0503 滋賀県大津市北比良948-10
電話 077-596-2206
ホームページ http://www.holidayafternoon.com
定休日 ・月曜日(月曜祭日の際は火曜日)

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