Elvis DVD Video News
(Compiled by Haruo Hirose)

(Region 1?)
He Touched Me -
Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Re-release with new cover)

(Region 1?)
Elvis & June (TV Version)
Mar. 4Japan-Warner
(Region 2)
The History Of Rock 'n' Roll (5-DVD)
(Region 2)
Elvis, The Echo Will Never Die
(Region 2)
Elvis '56 (Re-release)
(Region 2)
King Creole (Re-release) (期間限定 \1575)
(Region 2)
G. I. Blues (Re-release) (期間限定 \1575)
(Region 2)
Blue Hawaii (Re-release) (期間限定 \1575)
(Region 2)
Roustabout (Re-release) (期間限定 \1575)
(Region 2)
Girls! Girls! Girls! (Re-release) (期間限定 \1575)
(Region 2)
Fun In Acapulco (Re-release) (期間限定 \1575)
(Region 2)
Paradise, Hawaiian Style (Re-release) (期間限定 \1575)
(Region 2)
Easy Come, Easy Go (Re-release) (期間限定 \1575)
(All Region)
Elvis by the Presleys (2-DVD, 4-hour)
(リージョン・フリー、 日本語字幕付き)

May 27Japan-Digisite
(Region 2)
200 Cadillacs
June 28USA-Kultur
(All Region)
Why Elvis?
June 28USA-Kultur
(All Region)
Louisiana Hayride
June 28USA-Image
(Region 1?)
Twilight Zone, The 80's, Seasons #2 & #3
(Including an episode, "The Once And Future King")

July 26USA-Razor Digital
(Region 1?)
Elvis Is Alive (detail)
Aug. 2USA-Lions Gate
(Region 1)
Elvis Has Left The Building
(Region 2)
Elvis Memorial Box (8-DVD) (\16,800)
(パラマウント映画、既発売8作品、 初回限定豪華ボックス仕様)
(Region 1?)
Spinout / Double Trouble (Double Feature)
(Region 1?)
Lilo & Stitch 2, Stitch Has A Glitch
Sep. 7Japan-BuenaVista
(Region 2)
Lilo & Stitch 2, Stitch Has A Glitch
Sep. 7Japan-BuenaVista
(Region 2)
Lilo & Stitch, Special Edition (2-DVD)
(Region 2)
He Touched Me - Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Re-re-release) (エルヴィスの魂)
(Region 2)
Elvis Has Left The Building (トラブル IN ベガス)
(Region 1?)
Elvis, Story Of A Legend (A&E Bio.)
(Region 2)
A Tribute To the King (Scotty Moore & Friends)
Nov. 1USA-Universal
(Region 1)
A Tribute To the King (Scotty Moore & Friends)
Nov. 8?USA-MVB Films
(Region 1?)
Elvis Presley, Music Box Biographical Collection
Nov.15USA-Hot Licks
(All Region)
The Legendary Guitar of James Burton
(Region 1)
Kid Galahad
Dec. 7USA-FairVideo
(All Region)
Elvis At The 1962 Seattle's World FairFairVideo
では お買い上げ1500円以上 国内配送無料、 着払いもOKです。

 注意;  米国(Region 1)のDVDは 日本のDVDプレィヤー (Region 2)では 再生できませんが、 (All-Region) と書いてあるものは、 日本のDVDプレイヤーで 再生できます。
 ヨーロッパ(Region 2)のDVDは 記録方式が異なる(PAL)ために 日本の DVDプレイヤーでは 再生できません。 但し、パソコンのDVDドライブでは 再生可能でしょう。

(Dec.15, 2005)

Elvis Presley At The 1962 Seattle's World Fair

Long Lost Home Movies of Elvis Presley Find New Life in Special Edition DVD

Rare home movies of Elvis Presley at The Seattle World's Fair, which have never been seen before, have been released on a special edition DVD. Includes color photos and other celebrities who appeared at the 1962 fair in Seattle.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 15, 2005 -- The images are almost surreal. Here is "The King" ... Elvis Presley ... being peddled on a 3-wheeled bicycle by a beautiful blonde at the base of Seattle's Space Needle. And Elvis with a 10-year-old kid actor named Kurt Russell whose sole mission is to kick Elvis in the knee. Then there is Presley presenting a ham to the Governor of Washington State.

These are just a few of the home movie scenes that have recently been uncovered and released by the man who was Technical Advisor on the 1962 Elvis Presley MGM motion picture: "It Happened At The World's Fair." Emmy winning television producer/director Albert Fisher was just 21-years-old when he worked in the TV and movie department at The Seattle World’s Fair. One of his jobs was to help coordinate the location shooting of the movie starring Elvis Presley, Joan O’Brien, Ginny Tiu and Gary Lockwood. When the fair ended its run, Fisher was asked by Presley's team to serve as the film's Technical Advisor on location and in Hollywood.

Throughout the weeks of shooting in Seattle, Albert Fisher not only had direct access to the stars and crew, but he carried with him an 8 mm home movie camera and a still camera. The footage and photographs he captured during the summer of 1962 have been hidden away in a safety deposit box until now. They have never before been seen publicly.

These rare one-of-a-kind glimpses of the behind-the-scenes making of a Elvis Presley motion picture have been professionally edited and compiled along with still photographs and recollections by Fisher into a commemorative DVD that salutes the power and presence of Elvis Presley and the establishment of Seattle, Washington as a major world destination thanks to their World's Fair in 1962.

"My time at The Seattle World's Fair and particularly with Elvis Presley has always remained dear to my heart," says Fisher, who went on to become associated with major broadcast and cable networks and television syndicators as a national Emmy winning Producer and Director. Fisher goes on to note: "I have held onto these personal memories of my brief time spent with Elvis and thought that the time was right to share them with the many fans who continue to celebrate the legacy of Presley’s amazing talent and contributions to the entertainment industry."

The DVD is being offered through a special web site: www.fairvideo.com. It is available as a limited edition signed and numbered DVD which comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and four never-before-seen color photographs of Presley at The Seattle World's Fair. The Commemorative Special Edition DVD is available for $44.80 which includes shopping to anywhere in the world. A standard release DVD is also available through the web site for $29.95, shipping included.

The 28 minute DVD includes color home movies of Elvis at the Fair as well as a video montage of both color and black and white still photographs from the production. In addition, Fisher has added a short salute to some of the celebrity Fair visitors who he captured on his home movie camera. These include Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, news commentator Edward R. Murrow, French actor/singer Maurice Chevalier, Britain's Prince Phillip, astronaut John Glenn just returned from his historic first trip into space and clips of the first Telstar satellite transmission ever done from the United States to Europe, parts of which emanated from The Seattle World's Fair.

Seen on the DVD with Elvis Presley are actress and co-star Joan O'Brien (with whom Presley was rumored to be having a torrid relationship), child actress Ginny Tiu and, in his first movie appearance ever, a non-credited 10 year old Kurt Russell. The DVD also shows many sequences with Elvis and his notorious manager Colonel Tom Parker as well as Presley's entourage known as "The Memphis Mafia." Crew members featured include Academy Award winners Norman Taurog (director), Joseph Ruttenberg (cinematographer), Preston Ames (art director), and Otto Lang (2nd unit director). There is even a sequence in which Elvis Presley is presenting a smoked and cured ham from his Tennessee farm to the then Governor of Washington State, Albert Rosselini.

On the DVD Producer/Director Albert Fisher reminisces on-camera about the making of the movie and also how, when the film was finally released, Presley's manager Col. Tom Parker "stole" Fisher's credit as Technical Advisor.

"Elvis Presley at The Seattle World’s Fair" is the first of a series of DVD's to be release by Fisher Television Productions highlighting events, stars and celebrities at both the Seattle World's Fair in 1962 and The New York World's Fair in 1964. Future videos will also be available soon on the web site: www.fairvideo.com.

"Sample video clip" (4.1 MB)

(Nov.25, 2005) (May 19, 2005) (Apr.14, 2005) (Mar.30, 2005)

"Elvis by the Presleys" 日本盤DVD発売決定!

エルヴィスの真実: キング オブ ロックンロールの光と影

2006年1月25日発売  BVBM-31054-6 (3枚組) (BMG Japan)
\5,405 (\6,930, 22% Off)

 * 日本盤のみボーナスDVD付き (アメリカのターゲットでのみ発売された CD,"Elvis by the Presleys" に付けられた ボーナスDVDと同じもので、 プリシラとJ・シリングが ドライヴしながら話してる短い映像)
 * 日本盤のみエルヴィス・トリビア読本付き
 * CD/DVD連動応募抽選特典あり

"Elvis by the Presleys" DVD (2-DVD)

Release Date; May 17, 2005
日本の DVD プレーヤーで再生可能な リージョン・フリーで、

All Region
Subtitles; English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese

DVD Track Index

    Disc 1
  1. Elvis: Meets Priscilla
  2. Elvis: Introducing Mrs. Presley
  3. Elvis: The Inner Child
  4. Elvis: The Generous
  5. Elvis: The Seeker
  6. Elvis: The King
  7. Elvis: After Dark
    Disc 2
  1. Elvis: On Stage
  2. Elvis: Style
  3. Elvis: Taking Care Of Business
  4. Elvis: Forever
    (Bonus Features)
  5. Elvis: Nixon
  6. Elvis: Karate
  7. Photo Gallery

The public Elvis is well known, but the private Elvis remains a mystery. "Elvis By The Presley's" 2-DVD set released on 17th May 2005 will change that. Fans are granted an unprecedented understanding of the Presley family, with unhindered access into the archives of the Elvis Presley estate, coupled with extensive new interviews with both Priscilla and Lisa Marie plus rare performance footage of the King at his best. Over four and a half hours of footage make the DVD "Elvis By The Presley's" arguably the most revealing and poignant video portrait we will ever see of the artist as husband, father and friend.

The program grants access to his life like a glimpse into a family album, beginning with "Elvis: Meets Priscilla" a chance for Priscilla to recall her story of meeting Elvis in Germany. Beautifully restored audio of Elvis speaking is inter-cut with Priscilla as they chronicle their lives together for the first time.

Early care free days at Graceland and In Los Angeles are painted with fantastic home movies. This revealing footage shows Elvis as a playful family man, building snow men, snowmobiling, riding horses, swimming, water skiing and hamming it up for the camera. These were perhaps the happiest times for all.

As the documentary turns a corner, Priscilla reveals the realities of a Hollywood relationship and her efforts to win over Elvis completely, sacrificing her own ambitions and desires for the security of their relationship. In rare interviews, Elvis talks candidly about women and dating and the pressure he felt to remain single for his public image. As we watch Lisa Marie grow, she shares more and more of her earliest memories of life at Graceland as a kid; the big southern dinners, the menagerie of pets, the wild games, the late nights at the movie theatre, and of course, what it was like having Elvis as a father.

"Elvis: After Dark" is a deeply moving segment featuring Lisa Marie and Priscilla speaking about Elvis' spiralling drug use and his ultimate death. The story of his demise has never been so poignant and heartbreaking as we heat it told by those who were affected the most.

The final segment "Elvis: Forever" documents Elvis' legacy as it continues to grow and in the wake of his passing other Presley's have stepped up to the plate, proudly carrying on his name and keeping his voice in the public ear. Elvis' daughter and grandchildren would have made him proud and the documentary ends on a high note as we see a great future for Elvis with no end to the success of the Presley's.

Alongside the deluxe DVD documentary are a number of special features, including a photo gallery and two exclusive bonus chapters entitled "Elvis: Nixon" and "Elvis: Karate".

Running Time: 270 minutes * DVD Audio: 2.0 Stereo

(Oct. 1, 2005)

DVD "Kid Galahad"

Release Date: Dec. 6, 2005
MGM Video (Region-1)

(July 24, 2005)

"A Tribute To the King"
by Scotty Moore & Friends
Live at Abbey Road Studios


Release Date; Oct.12, 2005.
\4,830. (\3,864. 20% Off)

 ロックンロール生誕50周年、 ロックの始祖 エルヴィスに敬意を表する 豪華な顔ぶれが 伝説のスタジオに集まった!
 ビル・ワイマンのプロデュースで、 エルヴィス・プレスリーのギタリストとして知られた スコッティ・ムーアによる エルヴィスのトリビュート・コンサートが、 2004年12月3日に 伝説のアビーロード・スタジオ(ロンドン) にて行なわれました。 そこにはエリック・クラプトン、 マーク・ノップラー、 ストーンズのロン・ウッド、 そしてピンク・フロイドのデヴィッド・ギルモアなど、 豪華なゲスト陣が集結! 圧巻のプレイを見せてくれています。
  1. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Mark Knopfler)
  2. My Baby Left Me (Mike Sanchez)
  3. That's All Right (Eric Clapton)
  4. Heartbreak Hotel (Steeve Gibbons)
  5. Tryin' To Get To You (Albert Lee)
  6. Baby, Let's Play House (Mark Knopfler)
  7. Shake, Rattle & Roll (Paul Ansell)
  8. A Mess Of Blues (Paul Ansell)
  9. One Night (Paul Ansell)
  10. Don't Be Cruel (Steeve Gibbons)
  11. Money Honey (Eric Clapton)
  12. All Shook Up (Mike Sanchez)
  13. Lawdy Miss Cloudy (Mike Sanchez)
  14. Blue Moon (Martin Taylor)
  15. I Forgot To Remember (Paul Ansell)
  16. Reconsider Baby (Paul Ansell)
  17. Ready Teddy (Paul Ansell)
  18. Heartbreak Hotel (Martin Taylor)
  19. Don't (David Gilmour)
  20. Jailhouse Rock (Steeve Gibbons)
  21. Good Rocking Tonight (Paul Ansell)
  22. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (Steeve Gibbons)
  23. Baby I Don't Care (Albert Lee)
  24. Blue Suede Shoes (Albert Lee)
  25. Tenessee Waltz (Martin Taylor)
  26. Mystery Train (Eric Clapton)
  27. Hound Dog (Albert Lee)
  28. (Bonus) Making Of "A Tribute To the King"
  29. (Bonus) Interviews
  30. (Bonus) Jukebox

(July 18, 2005) (Jan.25, 2005)

New Cover
DVD "He Touched Me - Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley"
 米国では「ゴスペル・ミュージック・オブ・エルヴィス」が 2月15日に 新しいカバーで 再発されました。

「エルヴィスの魂」 (日本版)
 9月14日に、 同じく新しいカバーで 日本版も再発売されます。 タイトルも「エルヴィスの魂」と 新しくなりましたが、 内容は「ゴスペル・ミュージック・オブ・エルヴィス」と同じものです。

(June 15, 2005) (May 14, 2005)

エルヴィス・メモリアル・ボックス <初回限定生産> (DVD 8枚組)

発売日:2005/08/16, 価格:\16,800(税込) ( \13,440 - 20% Off)

エルヴィス・プレスリー 生誕70周年記念!
"歌う青春スター エルヴィス" が日本のファンに向けて 「スペシャル・LP レコード仕様BOX」 で登場!!
★ ファン待望の初回限定プレミアムBOX!! (BOXを立て掛けられるスタンドを封入)
★ 懐かしのLPレコード仕様!!
★ LP レコード・サイズの スペシャル・ライナー・ノーツ [湯川れい子さん / 萩原健太さん執筆]

★ 収録内容(全8タイトル)

  • 「ブルー・ハワイ」 (Blue Hawaii)
  • 「G・Iブルース」 (G.I. Blues)
  • 「闇に響く声」 (King Creole)
  • 「青春カーニバル」 (Roustabout)
  • 「アカプルコの海」 (Fun In Acapulco)
  • 「ハワイアン・パラダイス」 (Paradise, Hawaiian Style)
  • 「ガール!ガール!ガール!」 (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
  • 「GO!GO!GO! / ゴー・ゴー・ゴー」 (Easy Come, Easy Go)

(June 15, 2005)

DVD "Why Elvis"

Release Date: June 28, 2005
Kultur Video (All Region)

DVD "Louisiana Hayride"

Release Date: June 28, 2005
Kultur Video (All Region)

(Jan.25, 2005)

"The History Of Rock 'n' Roll" (5-DVD BOX)

 日本盤「ヒストリー・オブ・ロックンロール」が 3月4日に ワーナーから発売されることになりました。 只今 では20%オフで予約中です。


下記の 海外製DVDは 日本のDVDプレイヤーでも 再生できます。 (確認済み)
Aloha From Hawaii (米国Lightyear盤)  Altenate Aloha Concert (米国Lightyear盤)  68 Comeback Special (米国Lightyear盤)  One Night With You (米国Lightyear盤)  Elvis Complete Story (米国盤)  Elvis 56 (米国盤)  He Touched Me (米国盤)  Charro! (米国盤)  Elvis Presley's Graceland (米国盤)  Frank Sinatra Show (米国盤)  Remembering Elvis (米国盤)  Loving You (香港盤)  Elvis, The Colonel & Me (デンマーク盤)  Hot Shots and Cool Clips, Vol.1 (米国盤)  Elvis; The Final Chapter (米国盤)  Elvis - The Missing Years (米国盤)  Smokey Joe's Cafe (米国盤)  Early Elvis (米国盤)  Elvis At The Movies (米国盤)  The Definitive Elvis, 25th Anniversary (米国盤)  Elvis, Behind The Image, Vol.1 (米国盤)  Elvis and June: A Love Story (米国盤)  Rare Moments With The King / Elvis, King Of Entertainment (米国盤)  Elvis, The King In Hollywood (米国盤)  Elvis, The Back Story, Vol.1 & 2 (米国盤)  Elvis, The Journey (米国盤)  Elvis, The Inside Story (米国盤)  Elvis, Behind The Image, Vol.2 (米国盤)  Elvis, the Echo Will Never Die (米国盤)  '68 Comeback Special - Deluxe Edition (米国2004盤)  Aloha From Hawaii - Deluxe Edition (米国2004盤)  Elvis: A 50th Anniversary Celebration (米国盤)  The Birth Of Rock 'n' Roll (米国盤)  It Happened At The World's Fair (米国盤)  Harum Scarum (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  Spinout (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  Double Trouble (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  Speedway (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  The Trouble With Girls (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  Elvis, From the Beginning To the End (米国盤)  Elvis, The Last 24 Hours (米国盤)  Elvis by the Presleys (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  Why Elvis? (米国盤)  Louisiana Hayride (米国盤)  Memphis Flash (米国盤)  Most Famous Hits, Elvis Presley (米国盤)

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