Elvis DVD Video News
(Compiled by Haruo Hirose)

(Region 2)
Elvis by the Presleys (2-DVD plus Bonus DVD)
(All Region)
Memphis Flash
(Region 1)
Love Me Tender (Special Edition)
May 16USA-Starlight
(All Region)
Most Famous Hits: Elvis Presley
May 24Japan-SouthernSea
(Region 2)
Elvis; From the Begining To the End
May 24Japan-VideoArts
(Region 2)
Ed Sullivan Presents Golden Age Of Rock, Vol.1 featuring Elvis Presley
May 24Japan-VideoArts
(Region 2)
Ed Sullivan Presents Golden Age Of Rock, Vol.2
May USA-Fox
(Region 1)
Flaming Star
May USA-Fox
(Region 1)
Wild In The Country
June 9Japan-Paramount
(Region 2)
Girls! Girls! Girls! (Re-release) (期間限定 \1500)
June 9Japan-Paramount
(Region 2)
Roustabout (Re-release) (期間限定 \1500)
June 9Japan-Paramount
(Region 2)
Easy Come, Easy Go (Re-release) (期間限定 \1500)
(June 23)Japan-DreamTime
(Region 2)
Definitive Elvis (Re-release) (発売延期)
June 27USA-A&E
(Region 1)
10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America (History)
(When America Was Rocked)

July 7Japan-Paramount
(Region 2)
King Creole (Re-release) (期間限定 \1500)
July 7Japan-Paramount
(Region 2)
G.I. Blues (Re-release) (期間限定 \1500)
July 7Japan-Paramount
(Region 2)
Blue Hawaii (Re-release) (期間限定 \1500)
July 7Japan-Paramount
(Region 2)
Fun In Acapulco (Re-release) (期間限定 \1500)
July 7Japan-Paramount
(Region 2)
Paradise, Hawaiian Style (Re-release) (期間限定 \1500)
(All Region)
'68 Comeback Special, Special Editiom (1-DVD)
(All Region)
Aloha From Hawaii, Special Edition (1-DVD)
Aug. 1USA-Holiday
(All Region)
Graceland Tour (Official DVD)
( Re-release with Japanese, French, German & Spanish subtitles)
Aug. 4Japan-Warner
(Region 2)
That's The Way It Is, S.E. (Re-release) (期間限定 \980)
Aug. 4Japan-Warner
(Region 2)
Viva Las Vegas (Re-release) (期間限定 \980)
Aug. 4Japan-Warner
(Region 2)
Jailhouse Rock (Re-release) (期間限定 \980)
Aug. 4Japan-Warner
(Region 2)
It Happened At The World's Fair (Re-release) (期間限定 \980)
Aug. 4Japan-Warner
(Region 2)
Harum Scarum (Re-release) (期間限定 \980)
Aug. 4Japan-Warner
(Region 2)
Spinout (Re-release) (期間限定 \980)
Aug. 4Japan-Warner
(Region 2)
Double Trouble (Re-release) (期間限定 \980)
Aug. 4Japan-Warner
(Region 2)
Speedway (Re-release) (期間限定 \980)
Aug. 4Japan-Warner
(Region 2)
The Trouble With Girls (Re-release) (期間限定 \980)
(Region 2)
Elvis (2005 CBS Mini-Series, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers)
(All Region)
Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversary ConcertEPE
(Region 1)
The Ultimate Film Collection ($119.80 Box Set)EPE
(Region 1?)
The Ed Sullivan Shows (3-DVD)
(Region 2)
'68 Comeback Special, Special Editiom (1-DVD) (\3,990)
(Region 2)
Aloha From Hawaii, Special Edition (1-DVD) (\3,990)
(Region 2)
The Ed Sullivan Shows (3-DVD) (\6,800)

(Aug.28, 2006) (Aug.24, 2006)

Elvis Lives; The 25th Anniversary Concert

Elvis Presley was larger than life, and the Elvis experience is an amazing phenomenon that has continued to astonish a quarter century after his death in 1977. in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of his death, Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert Event was staged at the Pyramid Coliseum in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Through the magic of modern technology, Elvis is reunited with his original TCB band, back-up singers and musical director for a unique concert special. The program features footage of Elvis from previous concerts, along with his supporting musicians and singers live on stage together in Memphis. This one-of-a-kind concert event has stirred audiences around the world and ignited a passion for the King in a whole new generation of music lovers.

Track Listing:

  1. Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme From 2001)
  2. See See Rider
  3. Burning Love
  4. Welcome To My World
  5. I Can't Stop Loving You
  6. Steamroller Blues
  7. (Cast Intros)
  8. Johnny B. Goode
  9. You Gave Me A Mountain
  10. That's All Right
  11. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
  12. Mystery Train / Tiger Man
  13. Just Pretend
  14. Are You Lonesome Tonight
  15. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
  16. In The Ghetto
  17. Polk Salad Annie
  18. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  19. The Wonder Of You
  20. Suspicious Minds
  21. I'll Remember You
  22. What Now My Love
  23. A Big Hunk O' Love
  24. My Way
  25. How Great Thou Art
  26. If I Can Dream
  27. American Trilogy
  28. Can't Help Falling In Love
    (Total runnning time, 90 min.)

(Aug. 8, 2006) (July 31, 2006)


DISC ONE, September 9, 1956

  1. CHARLES LAUGHTON, Show Opening" 2:47
  2. AMIN BROTHERS, Acrobats 4:33
  3. DOROTHY SARNOFF, "Something Wonderful" from "THE KING AND I" 6:05
  5. VAGABONDS, "Up A Lazy River" 4:32
  6. ELVIS PRESLEY, "Don't Be Cruel" 3:49
  7. ELVIS PRESLEY, "Love Me Tender" 3:50
  8. CONN AND MACK, Tap Dancers, "Tea For Two" 3:57
  10. CHARLES LAUGHTON, "Little Red Riding Hood" 3:47
  11. AMRU SANI, "I'm In The Mood For Love" 3:27
  12. CARL BALLANTINE, Comedy & Magic 3:03
  13. Preview of Next Week's "ED SULLIVAN SHOW" 1:23
  14. TOBY THE DOG, Novelty Act 4:00
  16. ELVIS PRESLEY, "Ready Teddy" 2:59
  17. ELVIS PRESLEY, "Hound Dog" 1:07
  19. CREDITS 1:58
Bonus Material:
    Sam Phillips - Founder of Sun Records
    Gordon Stoker - Member of The Jordanaires
    Marlo Lewis - Producer (1948-1959) of "The Ed Sullivan Show"
    Gordon Stoker - Member of The Jordanaires
    Wink Martindale - TV Host & Friend of Elvis
    George Klein - Disc Jockey & Friend of Elvis
    This sequence sets up Ed Sullivan and his show and tells the story of Ed's car accident and why he was unable to host the show with Elvis's debut appearance.

DISC TWO, October 28, 1956

  1. OPENING 0:49
  2. LITTLE GAELIC SINGERS, "Dandelion Song" "Believe Me" 3:58
  4. ELVIS PRESLEY, "Don't Be Cruel" 2:24
  5. ELVIS PRESLEY, "Love Me Tender" 3:44
  6. SENOR WENCES 6:22
  8. ELVIS PRESLEY, "Love Me" 3:48
  9. JOYCE GRENFELL, "Countess of Cotley" 5:16
  10. "Happy To Make Your Acquaintance" From the Broadway musical "THE MOST HAPPY FELLA" 7:15
  11. "Big D", "THE MOST HAPPY FELLA" 6:13
  13. Preview of Next Week's "ED SULLIVAN SHOW" 0:45
  14. ELVIS PRESLEY, "Hound Dog" 3:41
  15. UNUS, Balancing Act 6:01
  16. ROBERT WEBB (Audience Bow) Director of "Love Me Tender" 1:11
  18. CREDITS 1:55
Bonus Material:
    7/15/56 Two months before Elvis' 1st appearance.
    9/2/56 Patti Page introduces next week's "Ed Sullivan Show" headliners.
    9/16/56 One week after Elvis's 1st Appearance, Ed Sullivan returns to host the show.
    10/21/56 One week before Elvis's 2nd appearance.
    11/18/56 Ed introduces Elvis's 1st Film, "Love Me Tender" (3:43)
    Elvis performance at Magnolia Gardens near Houston, Texas in these rare home movies shot on August 7, 1955

DISC THREE, January 6, 1957

  1. SHOW OPENING 0:33
  2. ELVIS PRESLEY, Medley, "Hound Dog," "Love Me Tender" & "Heartbreak Hotel" 3:25
  3. ELVIS PRESLEY, "Don't Be Cruel" 1:50
  4. "ARTHUR WORSLEY, Ventriloquist 4:19
  5. WILL JORDAN, Ed Sullivan Impressionist 3:10
  7. CAROL BURNETT, Comedy Routine, "Your Eyes Have Told Me So," "I Love You," "The Lady Is A Tramp," "Paper Moon" and "I Feel A Song Coming On" 5:50
  8. ELVIS PRESLEY, "Too Much" 2:28
  9. ELVIS PRESLEY, "When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again" 1:56
  10. SUGAR RAY ROBINSON, Ed interviews Boxing Great 2:14
  11. NANCI CROMPTON, Tap Ballet, "Thunder and Lightening" 2:32
  12. LENY EVERSONG, "El Cubanchero" 2:19
  14. THE SIX GUTIS, Clown Act 2:48
  15. DON BUDGE, Tennis Champion (Audience Bow) 1:08
  16. JACKIE ROBINSON, Baseball Great (Audience Bow) 0:50
  17. BORY AND BOR, Comedy Dance 1:29
  18. LENY EVERSONG, "Jezebel" 2:29
  20. Preview of Next Week's "ED SULLIVAN SHOW" 0:35
  21. ELVIS PRESLEY, "Peace In The Valley" 1:33
  23. CREDITS 1:58
Bonus Material:
    4/27/58 Ed talks about Elvis being in the Army.
    6/21/64 "A Tribute to The Colonel" by comedian John Byner.
    2/9/64 Elvis & The Colonel send a telegram to the Beatles.
    9/26/65 "Rock 'n' Roll Ed" - comedian Jack Carter.
    9/18/66 Elvis and Colonel Parker congratulate Ed Sullivan.
    Jerry shows his home movies of Elvis and Priscilla horseback riding at Graceland, some of the first shots of Elvis and Priscilla's daughter Lisa Marie, and Elvis and the gang cutting up on a film set.
    Photos and documents related to the three episodes in the DVD set. Some from Sofa Entertainment's Sullivan archives and some from the Elvis Collection and the Colonel Parker Collection in Graceland/EPE archives.

The Ed Sullivan Show - Watch Elvis' Introduction To The World In This Special DVD From The Ed Sullivan Show !

The Ed Sullivan Show (originally called "The Toast of the Town" for the first seven seasons, before the name change for the rest of its 23 years on the air) is a legendary program in the annals of television history. One of the landmark events during the course of the show was the introduction of Elvis Presley, the future King of Rock And Roll. The Encyclopedia of Television, published by the Museum of Broadcast Communications, talks about that event:

...Sullivan's deal with Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, created national headlines. The sexual energy of Presley's first appearance on 9 September 1956 jolted the staid, Eisenhower conformism of Sullivan's audience. By his third and final appearance, Elvis was shot only from the waist up, but Sullivan learned how to capture a new audience for his show...

Image Entertainment will bring you all three of those performances on the November 21st release of The Ed Sullivan Show - Elvis Presley. This will cost $29.99 SRP, and besides all 3 episodes featuring Elvis Presley, there will be a number of Elvis extras as well!

* A rare home movie capturing a very early Elvis performance, shot on August 7, 1955, at Magnolia Gardens near Houston, Texas
* Elvis and Ed remembered
* Elvis is on his way! Ed Sullivan Show clips
* Special Elvis moments including an appearance by comedian John Byner
* Home movies of Elvis and Priscilla, Elvis and his friends cutting up on a film set and some of the first shots of daughter Lisa Marie

Share the excitement of Elvis Presley's earthshattering introduction to the nation in these three unforgettable episodes from The Ed Sullivan Show, now on DVD for the first time ever, and experience for yourself why Elvis became the legendary King of Rock and Roll! Appearing on the show Sept. 9, 1956, Elvis sent shock waves through a repressed nation with his soulful singing, wild hip gyrations and raw energy, attracting a record-breaking TV audience of more than 60 million people. Presley returned on Oct. 28, 1956, continuing to provoke ecstatic screams with hits such as "Don't Be Cruel," "Love Me Tender" and "Hound Dog." In fact, these exhilarating performances were so explosive that Elvis was filmed above the waist during his final Sullivan show appearance on January 6, 1957

 長らく噂されていた エルヴィスの 「エド・サリヴァン・ショー」 完全版DVDが 米国 Image Entertainment より 11月21日に 発売されることになりました。 エルヴィス、 3度の出演場面の 完全版の他に ホーム・ムービーなどの 特典映像もつくようです。

(July 31, 2006)

'68 Comeback Special

All Region - Region Free DVD
Aloha From Hawaii

All Region - Region Free DVD

'68 Comeback SpecialAloha From Hawaii のスペシャル・エディション DVDが届きました。 予想通り リージョン・フリーのDVDでしたので、 どちらも 日本のDVDプレーヤーで 再生可能です。

イースター・エッグと称する 「隠し映像」 の入口が 判りづらかったのですが、 見つけました。

(July 11, 2006)

News from (July 10, 2006)
DVD UPDATE: Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert

Coming Home Music has found that they need more time in setting up full retail distribution of the DVD. The PBS affiliate airings/offering have been rescheduled for sometime in December. The general release date and full retail rollout has been rescheduled for January 2007. However, as the DVD and its packaging will be complete within the next couple of weeks, Coming Home will be able to provide product to Graceland/EPE for its retail operations - the shops at Gracelnad and ShopElvis.com - starting in early August 2006 as planned.

Coming Home Music continues to pursue possible television airings in addition to PBS affiliates.

As an Elvis Week event special "world premiere" screenings of the DVD will be held on the evening of August 14th at Malco's Studio On The Square theatre. Tickets are free. You can enjoy this concert on the big screen in 5.1 sound with the theatre's excellent sound system. See the August 14th section of the Elvis Week 2006 calendar for details about the screening.

 今年の8月にDVD発売、 更に TV放映も予定されていた 「エルヴィス・ザ・コンサート (25周年記念コンサート)」 ですが、 TV放映は12月、 一般発売は2007年1月に 延期されたようです。 しかし、 プレミア上映は 予定通り 8月14日に メンフィスで行なわれ、 DVDも ShopElvis.com でのみ、 先行発売されるようです。

(June 20, 2006)

 ワーナーから発売のエルヴィス映画、 全9タイトルが 980円で 発売されることになりました。 まだ お持ちでないDVDは、 この機会に お買い求めください。

(June 3, 2006)

News from (June 2, 2006)
'68 Comeback and Aloha From Hawaii Single-Disc DVDs - Content & Cover Art

In August 2006, Elvis Presley Enterprises and Sony BMG will release the single-disc DVDs Elvis: '68 Comeback - Special Edition DVD and Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - Special Edition DVD. These are follow-ups to the smash hit releases of deluxe edition box sets of '68 and Aloha material in 2004.

The single-disc releases are geared toward reaching the casual and potential new Elvis fans who could be interested in this material but are not ready to commit to the pricier box sets. The single-disc editions also make it possible to get the Elvis '68 and Aloha material into retail outlets that don't carry DVDs above a certain price point. These single-discs will reach a broader market than the box sets have and should make a nice contribution to the growth of Elvis fandom worldwide.

Hopefully, some special content on the single-discs will be pleasing to the serious Elvis fans who already have the box sets and anticipate something new with them in mind on the single-disc releases.

Here are the cover art and content information (a bit more detailed than in the DVD packaging) for these new releases:

ELVIS: '68 COMEBACK - Special Edition DVD

In the 1950's, singer Elvis Presley led the rock 'n' roll revolution in music and pop culture. In the 1960's he concentrated mainly on his successful movie career. By 1968, it had been more than seven years since he had appeared on stage in front of a live audience. In his first television special, clad in his now-iconic black leather suit, Elvis performed classic hits both on stage alone and, in sequences generally regarded as the forerunner of today's popular "unplugged" jam sessions, with friends and original bandmates. The program also included splashy production numbers. Usually referred to as the '68 Comeback Special, the actual name of the program was Elvis. Taped in June 1968 in Burbank, it first aired that December 3rd on NBC - the network's biggest ratings victory that year and the season's top-rated show. It stands today as one of the great moments in rock music history and as a stunningly brilliant milestone in Elvis Presley's career. After this triumph Elvis poured renewed creative vigor into his recording work, wrapped up his movie contract obligations and returned full-time to the concert stage, beginning a new and exciting era of the Elvis phenomenon.

Elvis ('68 Comeback Special) (76:12)

A new 2006 edit of Elvis not seen on any DVD release to date, expanded with content not included in the original broadcast. The edits/expansion involve the "black leather" footage. All production numbers appear in their original form for television but for the tweaks/expansions made for 1980s home video releases.

Opening Production Number:
Trouble/Guitar Man

That's All Right
Baby, What You Want Me To Do

Heartbreak Hotel
Hound Dog
All Shook Up
Can't Help Falling in Love
Jailhouse Rock
Don't Be Cruel
Blue Suede Shoes
Love Me Tender
Baby What You Want Me To Do - Impromptu jam

Gospel Production Number:
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Where Could I Go But To The Lord
Up Above My Head

Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
Are You Lonesome Tonight
Trying To Get To You
Tiger Man
When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
One Night

Guitar Man Production Number:
Guitar Man
Let Yourself Go
Guitar Man
Big Boss Man
It Hurts Me
Guitar Man
Little Egypt
Guitar Man

If I Can Dream - white suit

Credits (with Elvis footage choreographed to A Little Less Conversation)
DVD Promo Spots

The original videotape material for this program has been digitally remastered and restored. The audio, originally recorded in mono, has been digitally remastered and re-channeled for Dolby Digital stereo and 5.1 surround. Presented in its 4:3 (1.33:1) aspect ratio.

NOTE: The two solo mini-concerts and the two jam sessions from which the "black leather" performances were derived are found in their entirety on Elvis: '68 Comeback Special - Deluxe Edition DVD (7-hour, 4-disc set), along with an adapted version of the original broadcast special, the raw elements and unused takes from the production numbers, and a special white suit/black leather suit presentation of Elvis's performance of If I Can Dream.

Having Fun With Elvis In Burbank (09:25)

Elvis had a tremendous sense of humor and during the production of the 1968 TV special there were many funny moments. In 2004, as part of the promotion surrounding the release of Elvis: '68 Comeback Special - Deluxe Edition DVD, there were special screenings of selected material from the deluxe set in Regal Theatres in a number of cities in the United States. In the Regal Theatres program we included a specially assembled 6-minute/16-second collection of funny moments, which audiences greatly enjoyed. This was put together after all content for the deluxe set had been finalized and discs had been manufactured, so it was not part of the deluxe set. For the single-disc release Elvis: '68 Comeback Special Edition we decided fans would enjoy having this "funny reel" as bonus material, so we went back into the studio to refine and expand it into a 9-minute/25-second feature we know you will love.

Photo Gallery

Photographs of Elvis from the rehearsals and production of the 1968 TV special and the birthday party for Elvis's manager Colonel Tom Parker at the studio.

Easter Egg (08:33)

An "Easter egg" is hidden content on a DVD. It's not listed on or in any of the DVD packaging or shown obviously on the onscreen DVD menu. You have to find it. It's a popular way of delivering to "in the know" fans special content that the general public might not appreciate fully. If you find the Easter egg, you will get this message onscreen:

Congratulations! You have found the "Easter egg."

Three takes from the Guitar Man production number featuring the dancers' karate segment and Elvis's final portion of the song It Hurts Me were inadvertently left off of Disc 3 of the 2004 release Elvis: '68 Comeback Special - Deluxe Edition DVD. The one tape containing these three takes had not made it into the inventory of raw tapes when the digital transfers used for the deluxe DVD set were made and were found later. We provide these takes here. Enjoy.


Elvis Presley made television and entertainment history with his Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii concert, performed at the Honolulu International Center Arena on January 14, 1973. Beamed live via Globecam Satellite to various countries and on a delayed basis to approximately thirty European countries, it first aired in America that April 4th on NBC in edited form, including four "insert" songs shot just after concert. In all, the concert was seen in about forty countries by 1-to-1.5 billion people that year, a global ratings smash. Never before had one performer held the world's attention in such a way. Aloha from Hawaii presents Elvis Presley at the pinnacle of his superstardom, giving one of the most outstanding concert performances of his career.

Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii Concert(63:18) January 14, 1973

The complete concert with the minor deletions made for the American television special restored and with the trendy but distracting multi-screen effects of the 1973 television presentation virtually eliminated.

Opening Riff
See See Rider
Burning Love
You Gave Me a Mountain
Steamroller Blues
My Way
Love Me
Johnny B. Goode
It's Over
Blue Suede Shoes
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
I Can't Stop Loving You
Hound Dog
What Now My Love
Welcome To My World
Suspicious Minds
Introductions by Elvis
I'll Remember You
Medley: Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
An American Trilogy
A Big Hunk O' Love
Can't Help Falling in Love
Closing Vamp
Credits (with Elvis footage choreographed to the closing vamp.)
DVD Promo Spots

This edit is shorter than the one for this concert on Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii - Deluxe Edition DVD because the opening theme Also Sprach Zarathustra heard while the screen is black awaiting the footage of Elvis's stage entrance to begin is not included and the footage of the cast on stage after Elvis has left and the closing vamp continues to play is not included. Other than that this edit is the same as found in the deluxe set but for a correctional tweak to Elvis's introduction of J.D. Sumner & The Stamps and The Sweet Inspirations.

The original videotape material for this program has been digitally re-mastered and restored. The original multi-track audio has been digitally re-mastered and remixed for Dolby Digital stereo and 5.1 surround. Presented in its 4:3 (1.33:1) aspect ratio.

Post-Concert "Insert" Songs for TV Special (14:30)

The master takes of the "insert" songs for the American broadcast - the four songs that were used and the one that wasn't.

Blue Hawaii
No More (not used in the broadcast)
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Early Morning Rain

NOTE: This concert also is found on Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii - Deluxe Edition DVD (4-hour, 2-disc set), which includes the American broadcast version, all takes of the "insert" songs, the entire dress rehearsal concert and the complete raw footage of the "arrival in Hawaii" sequence shot for the original TV special intro.

Photo Gallery

Photographs of Elvis backstage receiving the gold and diamond Hawaiian maile vine "Elvis" pendant worn in the Aloha concerts - a gift from the Kui Lee Cancer Fund, which benefited from the event. Photographs from the Las Vegas press conference Elvis appeared at on September 4, 1972 to announce the Aloha from Hawaii concert television special. Other photos including a shot of Elvis with producer/director Marty Pasetta.

Easter Egg (09:14)

An "Easter egg" is hidden content on a DVD. It's not listed on or in any of the DVD packaging or shown obviously on the onscreen DVD menu. You have to find it. It's a popular way of delivering to "in the know" fans special content that the general public might not appreciate fully. If you find the Easter egg, you will get this message onscreen:

Congratulations! You found the "Easter egg."

Elvis appeared in two press conferences leading up to his Aloha from Hawaii concert TV special. To date, copies of the press conferences in their entirety have eluded us. Here, we provide the portions we have been able to locate so far.

September 4, 1972 - Las Vegas Hilton

November 20, 1972 - Hawaiian Village Hotel

An "arrival in Hawaii" sequence was shot for the Aloha from Hawaii TV special. The complete, pristine raw footage shot by the program's production team is included in the 2-disc set Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii - Deluxe Edition DVD. Here we present some TV news footage that was shot, offering an alternate view of the arrival event.

 8月に発売される「68 カムバック・スペシャル」、 「アロハ・フロム・ハワイ」の シングル・ディスク、 スペシャル・エディションDVDの 詳細が発表されました。

 「68 カムバック・スペシャル」は、 80年代に発売されたビデオ版と同じ ロング・バージョンで、 ギターマン・プロダクション・ナンバーも It Hurts Me の入った完全版となってます。 そして、 スタンダップ・ショー・シークエンスの Love Me Tender の後に Baby What You Want Me To Do が 新たに付け加えられました。
 ボーナス・マテリアルとして、 面白シーンを集めた Having Fun With Elvis In Burbank と フォト・ギャラリーが入ってます。
 また、 Easter Egg と称した 隠し映像部分には、 最近発見された ギターマン・プロダクション・ナンバーから 3テイクス、 ダンサーのカラテ部分2テイクスと エルヴィスの It Hurts Me のラスト・テイクが 入るようです。

 「アロハ・フロム・ハワイ」は、 当然 衛星中継版なのですが、 2001年オープニング部分が カットされたのは 何とも残念です。 また、 前回のDVD発売では エルヴィスのメンバー紹介で、 スタンプスと インスピレーションズの部分が 誤まって リハーサルの映像が入っていたのが 修正されました。
 ボーナス・マテリアルは インサート・ソングスと フォト・ギャラリー。
 Easter Egg と称した隠し映像部分には、 ラスベガスとハワイの 記者会見の一部分、 ヘリコプター・アライバルの 別角度の映像が入るようです。

(May 28, 2006)

News from (May 27, 2006)
Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert - DVD Release, August 2006

In August 2006, Coming Home Music (Gaither Management) is scheduled to release a DVD of content from Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert. This show took place in front of a sell-out crowd at The Pyramid arena in Memphis, Tennessee on August 16, 2002 in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s passing. It starred Elvis Presley (via video) joined by a large gathering of his former bandmates live on stage - Joe Guercio, the TCB Band, the Sweet Inspirations, The Imperials, The Stamps, The Jordanaires, Voice, Millie Kirkham and more.

Coming Home Music, the company that, in collaboration with EPE, produced and distributes the excellent documentary He Touched Me - The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley, was offered the opportunity to produce and distribute a DVD of the 25th Anniversary Concert. The DVD will focus on Act 2 of the concert, which was much like the road show Elvis-The Concert (now known as Elvis Presley In Concert), plus material from the gospel segment from Act 1. Exact content details will be shared soon, once the editing is finalized.

The DVD will be available on ShopElvis.com, in Graceland visitor center stores and through typical DVD distribution outlets, and it will be available as part of the merchandise offering on tours of Elvis Presley In Concert. Also, repeating part of their successful marketing plan for He Touched Me, Coming Home Music is working with PBS (Public Broadcasting System) stations around the country to air the 25th Anniversary Concert. Some of the stations could choose to air it during their "pledge week" funding drives as they have with the gospel documentary. WKNO, the PBS affiliate in Memphis, has already confirmed plans to feature the concert for the first time during an August 2006 pledge week. Airings on other TV stations are slated for the months and years ahead. (The TV version will be a bit shorter on content than the DVD.)


Why just Act 2 and Gospel and not the entire show?
To maximize distribution of this DVD, Coming Home Music had to make sure it could get it into mass-market retail outlets that will not sell a DVD that goes past the $14.98 price point. Without getting into those major outlets, paying all the clearances for non-EPE footage used in our very long show and paying for clearances from all the singers, musicians, music publishers et al, plus production costs for a longer program, would have put a DVD of the complete show into a budget realm that would have made that $14.98 price point impossible.

Act 1 focused mostly on 50s/60s movie and TV footage for which isolated Elvis vocal tracks, essential for proper "Elvis-interactivity" with the live band, do not exist, unlike Act 2, which focused on 1970s concert material for which isolated Elvis vocal tracks are available. The 50s/60s segments of Act 1 were highly enjoyable for those present for the live concert event, but from a theatrical standpoint, the excitement doesn’t translate to DVD and TV viewing as beautifully as the 1970s concert material of Act 2 and the gospel segment from Act 1. Within the budgetary limitations on clearances and on the run time of the DVD, it was determined that focusing on Act 2 and the gospel segment would give the audience the best possible viewing experience if the complete concert event could not be on the disc.

Will the 25th Anniversary Concert air television outside the United States?
We don’t know yet.

On what date and in what formats will the DVD be available outside of North America?
We will let you know when Coming Home Music lets us know.

Will there be a DVD release of the 20th Anniversary Concert in Memphis called Elvis In Concert '97?
There are no plans for a release of the 1997 show. We did shoot an "archival" video of it, but the picture quality, and particulary the sound quality, turned out not be at a high enough level to warrant a release. The Elvis fan/collector market that would respond enthusiastically to this type of archival video is too small to cover all the costs of footage, performer and music publishing clearances, production/distribution costs, etc. But, the footage does exist for history and it has been very useful in putting together videos to explain our touring show to potential promoters and to incorporate into TV ads for some of our concert tours. (And, of course, many of you have found it out there on bootleg due in the form of sneaky audience recordings and in good form due to an apparent betrayal by someone who had access to the show taping we did.)

EPE is planning a live concert production of the magnitude of the 1997 and 2002 shows for August 16, 2007 ?
Elvis: The 30th Anniversary Concert. Will there be a DVD release from this show?

We hope so. This could depend in no small part on how well the Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert DVD sells. Coming Home Music or another distributor would have to have faith that they could recoup their investment and turn a profit. EPE does plan to shoot and record the event properly for history's sake, regardless of the status of a potential DVD release. Elvis: The 30th Anniversary Concert will take place on August 16th as part of Elvis Week 2007.

Will there be a DVD release from the tours of Elvis Presley In Concert (a.k.a. Elvis-The Concert)?
There are no plans for such a release, although some shooting/recording was done over the years. The 25th Anniversary Concert in 2002 is the most elaborate production of the Elvis-interactive concert concept to date and had a much larger cast of Elvis bandmates than we have on our road show. A DVD release of that show is the optimum choice for delivering the experience to you and the best bet for DVD sales. But, perhaps some of the road show footage could end up part of a project someday. We don't know. We'll see.

 「エルヴィス・ザ・コンサート」のDVDが Coming Home Music から 8月に 発売されると 発表されました。 これは エルヴィス没後25周年の 2002年8月に、 メンフィスのピラミッドで 行われた公演を 収録したものです。 しかし、 第1部の50〜60年代の部分は、 権利関係のクリアが難しいのと、 DVDの収録時間、 価格($14.98)の関係から 大幅にカットされる模様で、 第2部の70年代と ゴスペル部分が中心になるようです。 TV放送も8月にされるようですが、 TV放送版は更に短くなるようです。

(May 19, 2006)

DVD 「エド・サリヴァン・ショー」

ビデオアーツから 5月24日に、 「エド・サリヴァン・ショー」のDVDが まとめて 発売されることになりました。 下記DVDに エルヴィスの映像が 収められてます。

  • ゴールデン・エイジ・オブ・ロック@
    エルヴィス収録曲: Don't Be Cruel(#1), Ready Teddy(#1), Hound Dog(#2), Too Much(#3), When My Blue Moon Turns To Gola Again(#3), Peace In The Valley(#3)
  • ゴールデン・エイジ・オブ・ロックA
    エルヴィス収録曲: Hound Dog(#2), Don't Be Cruel(#2), Too Much(#3)
  • ゴールデン・エイジ・オブ・ロックB
    エルヴィス収録曲: Don't Be Cruel(#3)
  • ゴールデン・エイジ・オブ・ロックC
    エルヴィス収録曲: Ready Teddy(#1)
  • ゴールデン・エイジ・オブ・ロックD
    エルヴィス収録曲: Peace In The Valley(#3)
  • ヒッツ・フロム・60s B
    エルヴィス収録曲: Love Me Tender(#1)
注意: カタログ等において、 「ゴールデン・エイジ・オブ・ロック@」に、 3回目のショーの 「ハウンド・ドッグ」が 収められているように 書かれてますが、 これは間違いで、 2回目のショーの 「ハウンド・ドッグ」です。 ビデオアーツのサイトに サンプル・ビデオが アップされています。

(Apr.29, 2006)

DVD 「ELVIS: エルヴィス」
8/11発売 \2,964. (定価 \3,800.)

 昨年、 米国のCBS-TVから放送され、 話題になったミニ・シリーズ 「エルヴィス」が、 8月11日に、 ユニバーサルから DVDで 発売されることになりました。 今年のゴールデン・グローブ賞では、 エルヴィスを演じた ジョナサン・リース・マイヤーズが 主演男優賞を獲得しました。

(Feb. 7, 2006) (Jan.27, 2006)

DVD, "Love Me Tender" (Special Edition)
The 50th Anniversary of Love Me Tender
20th Century Fox's Cinema Classics Collection
Region 1 (US & Canada)
CinemaScope, B&W
Release Date; Feb.28, 2006

Special Features:
珍しい映像は 何もありませんでした

  • Audio Commentary by Jerry Schilling
  • "Elvis Hits Hollywood"
  • "The Colonel & the King"
  • "Love Me Tender: The Birth & Boom Of The Elvis Hit"
  • Lobby Cards
  • Still Gallery
  • Trailer Gallery:
    • "Love Me Tender" Trailer
    • "Love Me Tender" Spanish Trailer
    • "Flaming Star" Trailer
    • "Wild In The Country" Trailer
DVD, "Flaming Star"
20th Century Fox's Cinema Classics Collection
Region 1 (US & Canada)
Release Date; May ??, 2006
    Bonus Features:
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Portuguese Trailer
  • Fox Flix: Wild In The Country, Love Me Tender
DVD, "Wild In The Country"
20th Century Fox's Cinema Classics Collection
Region 1 (US & Canada)
Release Date; May ??, 2006
    Bonus Features:
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Spanish Trailer
  • Fox Flix: Flaming Star, Love Me Tender


下記の 海外製DVDは 日本のDVDプレイヤーでも 再生できます。 (確認済み)
Aloha From Hawaii (米国Lightyear盤)  Altenate Aloha Concert (米国Lightyear盤)  68 Comeback Special (米国Lightyear盤)  One Night With You (米国Lightyear盤)  Elvis Complete Story (米国盤)  Elvis 56 (米国盤)  He Touched Me (米国盤)  Charro! (米国盤)  Elvis Presley's Graceland (米国盤)  Frank Sinatra Show (米国盤)  Remembering Elvis (米国盤)  Loving You (香港盤)  Elvis, The Colonel & Me (デンマーク盤)  Hot Shots and Cool Clips, Vol.1 (米国盤)  Elvis; The Final Chapter (米国盤)  Elvis - The Missing Years (米国盤)  Smokey Joe's Cafe (米国盤)  Early Elvis (米国盤)  Elvis At The Movies (米国盤)  The Definitive Elvis, 25th Anniversary (米国盤)  Elvis, Behind The Image, Vol.1 (米国盤)  Elvis and June: A Love Story (米国盤)  Rare Moments With The King / Elvis, King Of Entertainment (米国盤)  Elvis, The King In Hollywood (米国盤)  Elvis, The Back Story, Vol.1 & 2 (米国盤)  Elvis, The Journey (米国盤)  Elvis, The Inside Story (米国盤)  Elvis, Behind The Image, Vol.2 (米国盤)  Elvis, the Echo Will Never Die (米国盤)  '68 Comeback Special - Deluxe Edition (米国2004盤)  Aloha From Hawaii - Deluxe Edition (米国2004盤)  Elvis: A 50th Anniversary Celebration (米国盤)  The Birth Of Rock 'n' Roll (米国盤)  It Happened At The World's Fair (米国盤)  Harum Scarum (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  Spinout (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  Double Trouble (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  Speedway (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  The Trouble With Girls (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  Elvis, From the Beginning To the End (米国盤)  Elvis, The Last 24 Hours (米国盤)  Elvis by the Presleys (米国盤 日本語字幕付)  Why Elvis? (米国盤)  Louisiana Hayride (米国盤)  Memphis Flash (米国盤)  Most Famous Hits, Elvis Presley (米国盤)  '68 Comeback Special, 2006 Special Edition (米国盤)  Aloha From Hawaii, 2006 Special Edition (米国盤)  Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversary Concert (米国盤)

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